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FL281424 Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 1145 GMT 28 Dec 84

[Text] Presided over by its first secretary, Commander in Chief Fidel
Castro, the 10th Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of
Cuba has been held in the city of Havana. The plenum approved the
announcement convoking the third party congress, which will be made public
immediately, and the norms governing the selection of delegates to the
third party congress.

At the plenum, economic and social development projects, the 1985 state
budget, and other matters were studied. Conservation of the nation's
resources and the rationalization of an improvement in their exploitation
were important considerations of the plenum.

The plenum said that, in contrast with other nations, each peso that Cuba
saves represents an increase in national resources that do not escape
abroad. It was emphasized that Cuban economic development strategy is based
on the vigorous promotion of increased exports, their diversification, and
the substitution of imports. The plenum said labor productivity will
increase considerably and will account for approximately 80 percent of
planned 1985 economic growth.

The plenum studied two aspects of party ideological work that are of
capital importance: that related to economic development and that related
to national defense. Fidel said: In conservation we have our greatest and
most immediate possibility. Fidel also stressed the fact that Cuban
defensive capability has been increased several times by combining
principles of military science with the doctrine of the organization and
[Unreadable text] of the population to fight a people's war if necessary.
We have created a force of millions of armed and trained men and women,
Fidel said, and a popular resistance organization that would make any
military adventure against Cuba incomparably more costly.

With regard to international politics, our commander in chief stressed the
proven validity of the principled Cuban position towards the complex world

In his concluding remarks at the 10th plenum, the first secretary of the
Central Committee stated his firm confidence in the people's determination
and spirit of sacrifice to confront and overcome all difficulty saying
that, together with the maturity and sense of responsibility of the
personnel shaped by the revolution and the objective premises that have
been created, they constitute a solid guarantee that we will reach the
third congress of our party, to be held in late 1985, with a program that
will synthesize our revolution's fertile experience in revolutionary
struggle and creative work and establish guidelines for the progress of
Cuban society to the end of the century, following the path of social
justice and progress that only socialism gives to humanity.

Notes People's Preparedness

PA282015 Havana International Service in Spanish 1600 GMT 28 Dec 84

[Text] Cuban President Fidel Castro has said: Our country has objective
conditions allowing it to fulfill international commitments, maintain the
level of social services, upgrade their quality, and continue achieving
satisfactory progress through the implementation and optimization of its
material and human resources. He made this statement at the conclusion of
the 10th Plenum of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee held on
24, 25, and 26 December in Havana.

The top Cuban leader thoroughly discussed the strategic criteria that have
been developing and enriched by experiences encountered in the process of
building a socialist system in Cuba, economic relations with socialist
countries, and our material, political, and moral potential that allows us
to draw up a concise and realistic plan for 1985.

He pointed out that the defensive capability of our revolution has
multiplied every time the principles of military science have worked hand
in hand with the doctrine of organizing and preparing the people to wage
the war of all the people, should that be necessary.

Our commander in chief stressed at the conclusion of the 10th plenum of the
party that our efforts led to the establishment of a force made up of
millions of armed and trained men and women and a popular resistance
structure that would make any military adventure against Cuba extremely
prohibitive in terms of cost.

As for international policy, top Cuban leader, Fidel Castro elaborated on
the points he outlined during the Sixth Congress of the Federation of
Intermediate Level Students on 8 December. He maintained the proven
validity of Cuba's stand based on principles to face the complex world

After his address the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuban
Central Committee voiced his firm confidence in the Cuban people's
determination and spirit of sacrifice to tackle and conquer any difficulty.