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Castro Closes ANPP Session

FL291300 Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 1100 GMT 29 Dec 84

[Text] Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, president of the Councils of State
and Ministers, last night closed debates held at the important seventh
regular session of the National Assembly of People's Government [ANPP]
second legislature with a brilliant and detailed analysis of the topics on
the on the agenda.

The projected single 1985 plan for economic and social development and the
1985 national budget were discussed and passed at the evening session.

During the morning session, the attending 470 delegates passed the labor
code, which incorporates into a single legal body the principles
encompassed within the labor and social security legislation of a socialist
society, and Pinar del Rio Province's people's government rendition of
accounts report.

Jorge Lezcano, ANPP vice president, read the ANPP's international
activities report, and reported that 1985 will be called the "Year of the
Third Congress."

Lezcano also reported during the evening session that in the first semester
of 1985, the Ministry of Fishing Industry and Granma Province would be
presenting their accounts report to the ANPP.

Shortly before the close of the seventh regular meeting of the ANPP's
second legislature, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, president of the
Councils of State and Ministers, gave a brilliant speech in which he called
for the beginning of an economic battle by all the people.

On the recently passed general housing law, the chief of the Cuban
revolution said: Only a socialist state can create this law which we have
just passed, and which will transform the citizens of the country into

Fidel said that another very important law which was passed was the labor
code, and said that there also had been opportunity to hear the report on
higher education, where there has been such a colossal leap, that Pinar del
Rio Province's [word indistinct] has almost as many university students as
in all of Cuba before the triumph of the revolution.

He described Pinar del Rio's report as magnificent, and referred to happily
being able to appreciate the colossal changes this province has experienced
through 26 years of revolution.

Fidel said the most important and significant agreement reached at the ANPP
meeting was the 1985 economic and social development plan.

The commander in chief underscored that the report read by Humberto Perez
summarized the 1984 plan's results showing economic and social rates which
were really very good, and asked which Latin American nation could today
show this rate of growth.

Further on, Fidel said that at this time, the tense international situation
and imperialism's threats of aggression have created truly revolutionary
concepts in Cuba in the areas of defense and economy.

Fidel said that we have acquired an extraordinary defense capability, but
that we will continue preparing and organizing ourselves. He also called on
releasing an economic battle by all of the people and reiterated that we
have never been discouraged by hard work, saying that in the struggle to
save, for export development, and for import substitution we can do much,
whatever the persecution measures adopted by imperialism.

On ending his speech last night before the ANPP session, Commander in Chief
Fidel Castro said that we need peace to develop our plans, but we are also
prepared for war, and if the enemy attacks, it will have to pay an
unpayable price, that of defeat and humiliation.