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TV Highlights

FL092328 [Editorial Report] Havana Television Service in Spanish at 0100
GMT on 9 December carries recorded coverage of the "Bastion 86" exercises.

The announcer reports that Cuban President Fidel Castro, "president of the
National Defense Council, has toured several areas holding the "Bastion 86"
strategic exercises, which began yesterday [7 December] throughout the

The camera shows Castro approaching a women's antiaircraft regiment, He is
shown greeting the women and asking them questions about the equipment. The
camera shows the women taking a seat at the antiaircraft weapons.

As Castro gets in his jeep to depart, the camera shows him visiting with
the regiment leader. Castro tells here he will visit them again. Castro and
the woman discuss the areas the regimen defends.

He and the women laugh and touch each other's arms as they speak about
repairs being done in her defense zone.

The announcer then reports on "Bastion 86" exercises in other areas. "The
second day of 'Bastion 86' strategic exercises progresses with good results
in Villa Clara," says the announcer. The camera shows them doing
agricultural tasks.

The Santiago de Cuba cereal workers contributed to the "war of all the
peoples" by "producing and evacuating food to secure places," says the

The announcer reports that "the regular reserve units and the territorial
militia troops [MMT] in Ciego de Avila have demonstrated their high-degree
of combative preparation and cohesion in carrying our the war of all the
peoples." The camera shows several Ciego de Avila units participating in an
exercise retaking the airport which has supposedly been taken by the enemy.

Two men are then shown arriving in a tractor as part of the "special
chemical formations of the Ceballos citrus plan." As the men get out of the
tractor, they can be seen wearing white, protective suits which cover them
from head to foot. The camera then shows a tank trunk spraying an
unidentified liquid. In the meantime, says the announcer, "MTT battalions
were transported by sea to the Ciego de Avila coast where they would defend
the region."

Havana Television Cuban Network in Spanish at 1800 GMT on 9 December
carries further coverage of "Bastion 86" exercises.

The camera shows Cerro Municipality troops relocating the defense council
directorate office in Havana City. The activity was done "within the
established time frame," says the announcer. "One of the most important
exercises in 'Bastion 86'" says the announcer "is the blackout of cities
and covering of lights." This was done in the eastern part of the country,
he added, and "prepares us to successfully confront an air attack at

In Holguin, the exercise involves repelling an enemy air attack. The
cameras show "the peoples antiaircraft successfully repelling the
aggression." The troops are then shown "consolidating their defenses"
against a possible enemy landing on the coast of Holguin by digging
trenches and laying sandbags on the beach to prop their weapons.