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FL122226 Havana Television Service in Spanish 0100 GMT 12 Mar 87

[Video report showing Castro visiting work centers in Camaguey province,
chatting informally with workers, speaking at a factory]

[Excerpt] [passage omitted]

[Castro] Without any doubt the small town has many landscaped areas. That
is very good. I believe it is going to be a pleasant community. Its living
conditions are different from what we know about cities elsewhere.

I believe you will have a good nutrition program in this factory because
you even have some 50 or 60 hectares... [interrupts himself] how many did
you get?

[Unidentified speaker] Some 5 caballerias. Yes, 70 hectares over there.

[Castro] About 65 hectares. Someday the city will take it away from you.
[words indistinct] [laughter]

[Speaker] No, but in the meantime we are going to make it produce.

[Castro] I recommend you plant root vegetables and other vegetables; that
you plant a variety of vegetables. You are going to have to teach the
workers to eat vegetables because many people do not eat vegetables any
more. That is extremely important for health. Every day more information is
discovered about this. Some vegetables contribute to cancer prevention.

[Speaker] Because of the fiber.

[Castro] By consuming vitamins, minerals, and fiber, I believe you can put
together a good diet. It will not be hard, with the goodwill of all of you
who work in this factory. You should have good nutrition. The only thing
you will have to be warned about is not getting too fat. [laughter] Be
careful with your diet so that when we come over here we do not find many
large people. [laughter] There is something that has not been talked about
and we will have to do so. There is no talk about sports activities,
exercises. It is all right that we have a theater, video club, and a
swimming pool. Well, that is something. But I believe you are going to have
to see how you can build a gymnasium. It will not take too much to have a

[Speaker] I did not get to explain to you.

[Castro] Also some track and field facilities so that you not only have
swimming but track and field facilities. Over there we have some scientists
working at a very modern research center -- which has become a model for
the country -- and people work for many hours. They work 14, 15 hours and I
have suggested they use one of those hours to exercise. Facilities are
being built -- they are going to go crazy with many formulas and scientific
research -- so that they can exercise regularly. I believe not only that we
should provide youth with a balanced, good, and varied diet -- you were
talking about diets and lunch rooms -- but that workers should exercise.
That is going to have an effect in your productivity. Good nutrition,
health, exercise is going to contribute. I hope you never have to go to the
polyclinic, the small clinic you have there. I hope you have good health.

We have to try to make this factory a model one, but not the kind of model
place they call vanguard, that wins 10 medals, or 3 banners. From the
beginning you have to make it your purpose to turn this factory into a
socialist production model. It is not only a matter of quantity, of making
so many parts, of saying you are going to pay more for a certain number of
parts, but quality is very important. You cannot be happy with anything
less than the idea of turning this factory into the best factory of the
country. I am sure you can achieve it. Anyone who comes and sees the
comrades working is practically convinced that this is going to be one of
the best factories in the country. I say one of the best, but you should
struggle to be the best factory in the country and not only the best one in
the country but this factory should be a model and an example of what a
revolutionary industry and a socialist industry should be. This is what we
expect from you and we are certain... [applause fades voice]