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Castro Concludes Tour

FL132029 Havana Radio Rebelde Network in Spanish 1800 GMT 13 Mar 87

[Text] Commander in Chief Fidel Castro wrapped up his 3-day visit to
Camaguey Province urging all to work to be the site of the 26 July event
again and -- why not, he said -- of a party congress.

During an analytical speech delivered before party, government, and Union
of Young Communists leaders and cadres in this province, Castro discussed
his views and opinions on Camaguey Province's development. He said that
Camaguey is among the provinces that offers the most possibilities because
of its natural resources and the work style that the party carries out

During his speech the commander in chief discussed the trend that existed
in the past of establishing new and important industries in the capital. He
said this was not good, and that therefore the decision was made to
redirect those efforts toward the eastern provinces. He sharply criticized
various methods that were used in the special industrial construction
plans, which actually slow down and delay plans, instead of making them
more dynamic. He said that resolving this problem is one of the main
interests of the rectification process.

On agricultural and livestock development in this province, Castro
discussed the potential of the dairy (?plan), projected to become the best
plan of this kind, he said.

After the meeting at the provincial party school, Castro visited the Higher
Institute of Medical Sciences again. Students, professors, and workers
there welcomed him warmly.

Castro spoke to the students in the institute's dining hall. He discussed
the principal health programs that have been approved to develop this field
in congruence with projections on student training. He stressed the
importance of the program, which includes a great deal of hands-on medical

[Begin Castro recording] A new field of specialization was opened: that of
integral general practitioner. Before there used to be only general
practitioners. Those who did not study anything else were general
practitioners. Those who started on a specialization and did not complete
it, or those who chose not to specialize were all general practitioners.
There was no [words indistinct].

In addition to this, we also had the internship at the [word indistinct]
hospital, where we are now training obstetricians, pediatricians,
internists, and others.

However, the direct residency in the future will only be available for
orthopedic surgery, general surgery, and other fields of specialization
that require manual dexterity. All of the other fields of specializations
will have to be obtained by first being an integral general practitioner.
[end recording]

Later, Castro conducted a brief visit to the installations of the new
dental clinic and the recently inaugurated soda pop plant.