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Castro Inaugurates Child Care Centers
FL281635 Havana Tele-Rebelde Network in Spanish
1247 GMT 26 Nov 87

[Report on 25 November visit by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro to seven
child care centers and the (Lydia Doce) Nursing Polytechnic School attached
to the Miguel Henriquez Hospital in Havana---recorded]

[Text] [Castro] When we were driving here we observed very happy people
along the streets.  I felt bad because we were going so fast. 1 was sorry
to see people left waiting in some areas.  I had not been aware of this.
All I wanted was to be here on time.  That's how we could visit three child
care centers.  But I noticed a special exuberance on the part of the
residents of Guanabacoa.  When I arrived here after my tour, I could
understand the reason for this sincere, healthy, and justified enthusiasm
of the citizens, the residents, the compatriots of Guanabacoa.

I believe that the comrade who preceded me at the podium---the man in
charge of the municipal minibrigades---clearly showed with very specific
data why the people were so happy, so enthusiastic.  Evidently, the
optirnism reflected what we can really do and really achieve by taking the
correct path.  He was saying that only four child care centers had been
built here in the whole history of the revolution.  Nevertheless, in a
single year, in a few months, three have been built.  Then there are those
for next year.  In all, there will be six child care centers built in 2
years; that is, more centers in 2 years than had been built during the
whole revolution.  Of course, I am talking about new child care centers.
There might have been some adaptations, etc.

He was talking about three child care centers next year.  I asked him: How
great is the demand?  He told me: With these six centers we meet the demand
almost completely.  The demand we had.  There are some 100 or more
enrollments to resolve.  I told him: Why don't you build the fourth center?
You have shown you can do more. [applause] It's no big deal if instead of
50 we build 51. [laughter] If there is a similar situation in any other
municipality, then 1, 2, 3, 10 more is nothing. [Scene of Castro inside a
room crowded with adults and children appears on screen.  He is seen
holding a toddler's hand and talking to a woman.]

[Woman] Carlitos, give him a kiss.

[Castro] Is this Carlitos? How old are these children?

[Woman] They are 2.

[Second woman] They are 2 to 2 and 1/2 years old.

[Castro] Two! Are your workers from Guanabacoa?

[Woman] Yes, they are guaranteed.  I only have two comrades...

[Castro. interrupting] How about the nursery teachers?  Where are they

[Woman] They are also from here.

[Castro] They are all from here?

[Woman] They are all from here.

[Castro] They don't have to walk too great a distance.

[Woman] No, transportation is guaranteed, especially...

[Castro, interrupting] Discipline.  If they miss a day, you go check on
them.  But I don't think these young people are going to miss any days,
isn't that so?

[Woman] Oh, no. They are enthusiastic youth.

[Castro] You are going to be disciplined workers, aren't you?

[Third woman] Welcome, Fidel Castro, to this garden of flowers, where the
children who will be your followers are educated.  With love and affection,
we will guide them with sure steps along the path blazed on that 1 January.
When 2000 is here, we will proudly say: This is the way Fidel pointed out
that 1 January.  This project is not finished with just a building; we now
must continue it with education.  On 25 November we shall always remember:
Our child care center opened as Fidel dreamt on that 1 January. [applause]

[Castro] Where are the children? [passage indistinct] I'm very interested.
[Video of Castro inspecting what appears to be vegetable patch] I saw the
one using hydroponics, very small, in Guanabacoa. [Video of Castro
addressing crowd from podium]

I want to congratulate the minibrigades that built this beautiful center
with a truly exemplary spirit of work.  I witnessed this spirit.  We want
to congratulate all those involved, the workers from other centers, workers
of the Central Committee, residents, all those who did their part.  You
were able to build this beautiful project in such a short time.  Thank you
for giving us the opportunity tonight to share this victory with you.  This
is simply a first victory.  As we said today in Guanabacoa, this is only
the beginning.  To use a baseball term, this was just a warmup.

[Video shows Castro in a room with adults and children] [Woman] You know
that our center has been open for just 2 weeks.  We are developing early
skills.[Scene shifts back to podium]

[Castro] We were able to see there are two centers that have been completed
in Habana del Este Municipality.  They will be finishing up the other two.
Three have been completed in Guanabacoa.  In the next few days, before 15
December, they will have practically completed the four centers assigned to
them.  There are two finished in La Lisa.  Therefore, the 50 centers are
completely assured.  Not only are they assured, their quality is assured.
We could say that it is truly admirable that these centers have been built
by men and women with no construction experience.  That is what is so
admirable.  Only one person knew about construction in this one.

They had problems, they had difficulty at first.  Sometimes they had to do
something over.  They served their apprenticeship.  Yet the minibrigades
were capable of completing the 50 centers.  And I say complete because, is
it perhaps a miracle?  No, it isn't.

We must protect ourselves from technocratic and bureaucratic methods,
erroneous concepts which really are far from the essence of socialism--
everytime any thing is far from the essence of the revolution, socialism,
and communism.

The bureaucrats saw the centers as a social expenditure.  They did not
realize that a center for 210 children makes it possible to get 210
qualified young mothers to join service and production activities.

We definitely believe in the socialist formulas of remuneration and in the
communist spirit of work.  Only with a communist spirit can we advance and
make up for lost time.  Not the time lost in the revolution if indeed the
revolution has lost time!  I am talking about the time lost by our people
for centuries.  If we have won our victory, if we have accomplished the
revolution, it is so that we can make good use of our time, so we can make
up for lost time.  Other countries had the privilege of being independent
and were able to build up their economies.  Others did it by exploiting
other people.  We are going to accomplish it with our own sweat, just as we
accomplished the revolution with our blood and defended it with our blood.
We will make it with our sweat. [applause]

Video shows Castro in a room surrounded by children giving him flowers]

[Children] Good evening Fidel

Castro] Good evening, sonny.  Thank you very much.  Thank you very much.
Let's share these.  Let's give this lady one.  Let's give the principal
another.  Thank you very much. [laughter, children's cries] Up, up. [Castro
of takes one of the children in his arms]