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Take 2 of 11--Cuba:  Castro Speech at Child Care Center


[Text]  That is encouraging for us because all the other centers were
built by workers who were not construction workers.  They had to learn the
job, though there was always someone who knew something about it, a
consultant, a technician.  But the great majority of those who built the
other 53 centers were construction amateurs or mini-brigade workers who had
not yet mastered construction.  It is also true that some construction
enterprises helped.  They had workers with more experience.  These were
enterprises who had their own mini-brigades for the center.  [Word
indistinct] but they didn't lag behind, the other mini-brigade workers who
did not have the same degree of skill.

I think that what these mini-brigade workers have done with the
construction of these 56... [corrects himself] 54 centers is really a
heroic feat.  Because even here, where the workers were construction
workers, and good ones, they worked with a special care, intensity, and
spirit in these projects.  That is to say, with the spirit of a
mini-brigade worker with the help of the masses, the people, and there you
have the results.  I didn't even know that an additional center was going
to be built.  As a matter of fact, in October they had planned to build
center number 51.  However, there were three other centers that were being
built.  They had been scheduled for the next year.  The mini-brigade
workers hurried up, and the result is that the goal has been overfulfilled
by 8 percent.  There are four more centers than originally planned.  I
would say that this has been a heroic feat.

And speaking in sports terms, we can say that they have broken a
record.  We can be as satisfied as when we see a great sports event and we
see that a new record is broken.  A Pan American record.  In fact, I think
that it is on Olympic record.  I do not know how many would have believed
that these 54 centers could have been built.  Especially taking into
consideration the problems we were having in construction.  But I do know
that the population is amazed and astonished at the effort that has been
made.  This has generated great confidence in all the people.  Not only in
the people from the capital but, also in the people from all over the
country who are now beginning their mini-brigade movement, house
construction plans, and social projects.  Your efforts have brought hope,
not only to the 2 million residents in the capital, but to the 10 million
people in the country.  It brought them the conviction that it is possible,
and that we are on the correct road.

What do these 54 centers mean?  First of all, they mean the enrollment
of 11,340 children, 11,500...[corrects himself] 11,340 working mothers,
well prepared, with a high technical level, well qualified.  They can now
participate in the productive activities and services.  Over 50 percent of
the 19.500 mothers who had applied for enrollment for the center.  Of
course, there were 19,500 mothers but now there are more.

Apparently, even some of those who thought that the problem could not
be resolved were taken by hope and also applied.  That is why there are 54
centers, next year there will be more or less 56.  A few more than this
year, so that in only 2 years we can have room for 24,000 children.  Is
that a heroic feat or not?  Is that a record effort by the mini-brigades?

According to the calculations I made, these centers mean 2,646 jobs for
women in our capital.  Notice in what short amount of time 2,646 jobs have
been created.  These are dignified, honorable, humane, and pleasant jobs.
I have been able to see it in my tours of the centers.  Take note that this
is the 26th inauguration of a center in which I have participated during
the last few weeks.  I have seen the quality of the personnel and the love
with which they work.  They work in such a delicate, important, and
extraordinary such as the care, education, and development of those
children.  This means that the mini-brigade movement will create over 5,200
jobs in 2 years for the women of our capital.