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Take 3 of 11--Cuba:  Castro Speech at Child Care Center

[Text]  See what these centers mean.  They not only solve problems and
meet basic needs but also allow young people to take part in these
institutions.  As Chavez was saying, out of the personnel that was
selected, approximately half of them had experience in centers.  It is not
possible to begin a center with all new personnel.  The other half was new
personnel, but well prepared, qualified personnel; nurses, many of them
recently graduated, young, well prepared; child center teachers who studied
in special institutions, very well prepared; teaching assistants; and
workers from other child care fields.  In other words, this is how well
prepared collectives are made thanks to which we have been able to see all
the centers operate.  It is noteworthy that all the centers were
inaugurated with the children already in them.  That is also something new.

There is something more important than these 54 centers.  Yes, there
are many other things that are much more important than these 54 centers.
These 54 centers are the symbol of the rectification process.  These 54
centers are the symbol of the strength of the people, the masses.  These 54
centers are the symbol of the capability of the mini-brigade movement to
transform the capital and all the other cities of the country.  This
mini-brigade movement is the symbol of the capabilities of our workers.  It
is a symbol of the capability that they have, if they do it correctly, to
create billions of pesos in values in production and services.  I think
that the mini-brigades in the whole country will be able to produce
approximately 700 or 800 million pesos in construction, without new salary

Generally, they are workers who were in some other places, though in
some provinces, we have said not to give so much manpower to the
mini-brigade movement so that we can recruit young people who could be
needing a job.  Particularly, in those mini-brigades where we do not have
construction workers.  In our country, the method of measuring the global
social product does not include the value of what is done in the schools,
hospitals, and services.  If we were to measure it by capitalists
standards, we would have to see how many millions would cost the work of
almost 700,000 workers who participate in the education and health
services.  In that field alone, there are over 600,000 workers.  Maybe
someday, we will have to change the methodology for measuring the global
social product, as it is only measured in tons of this, what is called
productive service.  However, culture, education, health, and sports are
not included.

I think that some day we will have to find a method which will allow us
to measure in billions the value of our people's work.  That is why I say,
if we were also to measure what this movement means not only in factories,
such as Vanguardia Socialista, Enrigue Varona, or the ironworks, and many
other plants which are already applying this spirit and whose production
value can be measured.  I am sure that at this spirit that you represent is
transferred to the whole country, all spheres of production and services,
the new values that we will create in material production and services will
be equivalent to billions of pesos.  This is more than just an idea.  This
is a fertile idea.  This is a highly productive idea by virtue of which the
development of our country is accelerated.  In the first place it is
guaranteed, then it is accelerated, and it allows us to entertain the hope
that we will achieve however many goals, no matter how high, that we
determine to do.