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Take 13 of 17--Cuba: Castro Speech at Child Care Center


[Text] However, he is already working with a communist spirit. He knows
that he must devote himself to the care of the patients just as the child
care center workers must devote themselves to the care of children. They
must devote themselves in body and soul, conscious of the importance of
their job.

I was talking about other subjects yesterday in Regla which I said I
did not want to repeat. I spoke and related what this method of the masses
is. I compared them to the methods which our people used to make the
revolution, win power, and defend it.

Today, when we meet here with all the mini-brigade workers, I must say
that an extraordinary year awaits us in 1988. We are about to begin our
29th anniversary. Anniversaries should not only be for formal remembrances.
We must give an account and say how we have been talking advantage of the
revolution years. We must be able to say how far we have progressed, what
we need, what we should do, how we should work. That is how starting today,
we must think about how we are going to mark our 30th anniversary. We are
going to greet 1988 with optimism and a great deal of certainty about what
we are doing. Let's see how we are going to greet the 30th anniversary.

The workers involved in the construction of the national exposition
center pledged here to complete the project. They made the pledge on their
own. No one has demanded they do it. However, I know how they are, and it
is enough for them to say it. I know what the honor and dignity of the
mini-brigade workers are. I am convinced that they will finish the center,
there is no doubt about that. They want us to celebrate the 30th
anniversary there.? [applause] On the 30th anniversary we will be able to
celebrate the successes of the mini-brigade movement in the whole country,
because what is now being done in the capital will be done in the whole
country. The capital will be well further along with the advantage of
having started a year ahead. It will have much more experience. We will not
stop them. Maybe, at the same time the botanical garden which is in front
of it will be inaugurated. We'll see what that garden needs. Let's see if
that huge place of shady branches [gran umbraculo] is finished by then, and
maybe both things can be inaugurated at the same time. It's too bad that we
will not be able to inaugurate the new highway that we want to build.
However, it will be well on its way around that date.

Don't think that afterward we are just going to sit there with our arms
crossed. There is another project which we have not talked about very much.
In 1989 we are going to start the new aquarium. We are going to expand it,
and it will have almost 1 million visitors yearly. That is what you would
call a mini-aquarium--an aquarium built by the mini-brigades in the
capital. We then will have a fantastic zoo, botanical garden, and aquarium
which I think will make the people of our capital and country feel very
satisfied. But these are things for 1989. First, we must finish this center
where they are working.

Well, what will it be like next year? What projects will be
inaugurated? It will be impossible to inaugurate them all. I imagine we
will have to inaugurate a few schools, polyclinics, and one out of every
100 family doctor clinic-offices, which are getting bigger. Now they have
housing for the nurses. Well, maybe house number 500, 600, and center
number 50 again, and 50-plus will have to be inaugurated. Whatever reaches
the number 50 is a symbol. We will have to inaugurate polyclinic number 20,
special school number 24, bakery number 28 [laughter], apartment building
number 200, 300, 400, I don't even know what number among such a large
number. But we are going to inaugurate the pediatrics hospital, the Frank
Pais hospital expansion, as well as the expansion of the (Albarran) and of
the Miguel Henriquez, which are great hospital expansions. The honor of
professional construction workers and of the Micon [Ministry of
Construction] enterprise is at stake. We will be inaugurating the first
prototypes of elementary and secondary schools.