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take 14 of 17--Cuba: Castro Speech at Child Care Center


[Text] There will be many other projects.  We are going to have to see
how we are going to handle them.  We are going to have to carry a list,
because if this year has been a reason for the people to feel satisfied
with what they can do, we will see what the results of next year will be.
Next year we will already be going at a greater speed, the arm will be
warmed up, the mini-brigades will be working harder and preparing for 1989
and 1990.  In 1990 we will have to reach 20,000 houses per year, 20,000 per
year [repeats himself].

The way we have to solve problems is by transforming the city.  That
requires a lot of industries, materials, and a lot of conservation.  I am
taking advantage of the mini-brigade workers being here.  I think that the
Micons will have to appoint a few conservation inspectors in their
projects.  I think that the mini-brigade movement will have to select some
material conservation inspectors, especially for cement conservation.  If
the country saves 10 percent out of the 3.5 million that it is investing,
that equals 350,000 tons of cement.  Over 30,000 houses can be built with
350,000 tons of cement.  Just imagine approximately 30,000 apartments, or
at least 25,000.

Therefore, it is very important that there be conservation of
materials in the projects.  First of all cement, and also sand and rock.
There are 1,500 projects, 1,500 places using cement.  An effort, an appeal
to conscience, a control will be necessary.  It will be necessary that the
inspector visit the project chiefs one by one.  We should not use 400 kg of
cement where 300 or 350 are enough, or use 500 where we should use 350, or
we start filling some holes with sand or cement.  This is a good
opportunity to ask all mini-brigade workers to make a special effort in
conservation.  We are also going to start a mass movement in conservation.
There should also be a control study done to teach and see what should be
done.  Because I think that we could save at least a 10 percent of cement.
This movement will extend to the whole country.

Next year we will have an additional 500,000 tons of cement.  The year
after that, we will have another 400,000, and after that another 300,000.
Our capacity is for 4.6 million. the cement producing workers are making a
great effort.  We are acquiring a new factory.  We will have 5.4, 5.5.
million tons of cement.  We have to conserve it.  If we throw it away, we
will face limitations.  Materials can limit us in what we do.  We will
begin by conserving cement.  We will conserve on sand and other materials,
but cement is number one.  We will have iron rods.  Our capacity for
producing these rods will duplicate.  New sand, rock, and all type of
installations are being set up.  However, it will be your duty to first of
all conserve on those materials starting with cement.  This is
indispensable or else we will have to start facing limitations in all these
plans and aims.

I say that a difficult year is ahead of us.  But I think that we are
ready, right? [crowd replies: "Yes"] Not on 1 January, no.  We want you to
begin resting for a few days as of tomorrow.  We do not want you to get to
work tired next Monday.  You, all the workers, will have tomorrow the 31st
off starting at noon. [applause] the mini-brigade workers have lunch at the
project.  I think they have been working on a good lunch.  Then they will
go home.  During the afternoon they will rest.  In the evening you will
have parties, or do whatever you want to do.  It is forbidden to work
tomorrow evening. [applause] On the first you will rest, it's Friday.  On
the second, rest.  On the third, rest.  I think that some of the
mini-brigade workers who have been working on Saturdays and Sundays, and
everyday will have half a week of rest.  On Sunday they will be bored and
tired of so much rest. [applause] And on 4 January, you will all be at the
projects with bells on.  You will be prepared and ready to accomplish the
goals for the coming year. [applause]