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Take 15 of 17--Cuba: Castro Speech at Child Care Center


[Text] This year has been one of great satisfaction, because we have
shown what can be done, because we have created the conditions to do what
needs to be done. We have created the organizational, subjective,
political, moral, and objective conditions for what we are going to do next
year. We have created these conditions. We have had these successes. We
have shown what can be done. Furthermore, I am sure that next year will be
one of even more satisfaction. It will be a year of even more satisfaction
for you and the people. It will no longer be only the construction
mini-brigades but also the social mini-brigades for repair, maintenance,
and reconstruction. We will use the experience we obtained in Centro Habana
and Marianao. We built a great number of houses there. So, if by the year
2000 we will have built 20,000 new houses, then we will have had to repair
approximately another 20,000 yearly.

We are really making a silly mistake in that. We have to transform this
city completely and preserve its aesthetics, making it more beautiful and
functional. I was saying yesterday that our city will in the end be the
most functional in the world. Chavez repeated it today here. It will have
all that a city might need in order to consider itself the most functional
and humane in the world. It will have all the necessary centers, elementary
and secondary schools with proper facilities, commercial networks, sports
installations, house-offices for the family doctor, and whatever else is
needed. We did not have to wait for the capitalists to deed them to us. We
have to make them ourselves, and we are making them. We are making them
with our own hands.

Not only will we build social projects, but we will build the industry
for materials. Our people will not neglect industrial and agricultural
projects for a single moment to guarantee our sustained development. If
there are more centers, we will need more milk, meat, tubers, vegetables,
grains. If there are more elementary or secondary day schools, or more
workers who participate in projects, or more mini-brigade workers, more
resources will be needed. We will not neglect economic development for a
second. With this spirit, born in the mini-brigade movement and the
recertification process, we will also give considerable momentum to our
country's economic and development activities.

That is why I think that already next year we should take stock again.
Everyone will help us in this effort. All the ones that Chavez mentioned
here will help: planners, construction workers, suppliers, hundreds of
centers, enterprises, sectors, mass organizations, and everyone led by the
party. I was saying yesterday how the strength of our party was in
evidence. I also said yesterday that on 1 January we had obtained victory
with just ideas, support from the people, and correct watchwords. I was
remembering the general strike that paralyzed the whole country, which
dashed the attempt to destroy the revolution by coupist military men. But
we did not have the mass organizations that we have today. We did not have
the party. I said yesterday that it was easier to win a war and seize
power, than to build a new world.

Today, in order to build a new world, we need something that we did not
have before, a great party, experienced, organized, with a great awareness,
and with excellent cadres. All the people organized through the CTC
[Central organization of Cuban Trade Unions], Federation of Cuban Women,
peasants, CDR [Committees for the Defense of the Revolution], pioneers,
FEEM [Federation of Mid-Level School Students] and FEU [Federation of
University Students] students. It is a powerful party with powerful mass
organizations. We follow a correct path with clear ideas, an awareness that
we lacked during the first years of the revolution. We were enthusiastic
and we wanted freedom and new things but we did not even know very well
what revolution was. Today we know all that the revolution is. We know what
the revolution's purpose is, why it is made. Today we have the awareness.
With all that, we will then be able to build that new world. We will all be
able to build it with the party leading us.