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Cuban Friendship Institutes Sign Pact

PA271805 Panama City LA REPUBLICA in Spanish 25 Jan 88 p 10

[Article by Ruben Dario Diaz C.]

[Text] The Panama-Cuba Friendship Institute [IAPC] and the Cuban Institute
of Friendship with the Peoples [ICAP] have signed an agreement to establish
and reinforce friendship ties between the two brother nations through
cultural, scientific, political, traditional, and historical relations.

IAPC was established in 1980 and is headed by Moises Torrijos Herrera.  Its
members maintain diverse ideological and political views and seek
friendship and brotherhood ties between Cuba and Panama.

On 14 November 1987, Eugenio Meneses and Moravia Ochoa represented IAPC in
Cuba and signed an agreement with ICAP establishing numerous cultural
guidelines for both institutions.

Eugenio Meneses' executive president of IAPC's Colon province chapter, said
the two groups seek to reinforce mutual ties.  In addition, these groups
established programs to sponsor exhibitions, lectures, conferences, film
showings, and friendship meetings; host visiting cultural groups; and
publish articles from the press, radio, and television.

According to Meneses, the ICAP agreed to honor the following Panamanian
historic events in Cuba:  The U.S. troops massacre of Panamanian students
on 9 January:  the death of General Omar Torrijos Herrera on 31 July:  the
signing of the Torrijos-Carter Treaties on 7 September; and Panamanian
independence from Colombia on 3 November.

Panama has agreed to honor the anniversary of the Cuban revolution's
triumph and Liberation Day on 1 January.  Cuban national hero Jose Marti's
birthday on 28 January; the Bay of Pigs invasion, which was America's first
imperialist defeat, on 19 April; the anniversary of the Moncada Barracks
assault on 26 July; the anniversary of Ernesto 'Che" Guevara's death in
combat on 8 October; Cuban Culture Day on 20 October; and the anniversary
of the Cuban revolutionary forces' landing on 2 December.

Eugenio Meneses stressed that a cultural exchange center will be
established at ICAP to include periodic publications on books, albums, and
other informative materials.  The most important feature of the agreement
involves joint statements to be made if there are slanderous attacks
against either Cuba or Panama.  The agreement also stressed the
achievements of the Cuban and Panamanian peoples, especially those that the
international news media may distort.

Panamanian writer Moravia Ochoa, IAPC secretary general and representative
of the Front to Rescue Culture [Frente de Rescate de la Cultura], said
that a number of meetings have already begun this month in compliance with
the agreement; IAPC members and some of its leaders have already met so a
series of important events can begin in late January and early February.
The anniversary of the Cuban revolution's triumph will be celebrated in
Panama and will include a visit to the Jose Marti monument in Porras
Square, located in front of the Cuban Embassy.  Another event, to be held
in Colon, will be announced at an opportune time.  This ceremony,
exclusively for Colon residents, will be organized by IAPC's Colon Province