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Castro Address

FL291702 Havana Tele-Rebelde Network in Spanish 1233 GMT 29 Jan 88

["Most important moments" of President Fidel Castro speech at the 28
January closing session of the fourth congress of the UNEAC at Havana's
Palace of Conventions, broadcast in progress--recorded]

[Text] ... quality of life of the people.  The level of quality of life is
not only having tons of material things but tons of spiritual things are
also needed. [applause] There are a lot of services that provide a good
quality of life such as a good television program or a good movie.  Above
all, artistic and cultural activities can become one of the highest
expressions of quality of life.  In other words, a good level of quality of
life is being created in this field.

It must be mentioned, as someone was saying here, that a number of cultural
projects are underway such as the restoration of Habana Vieja.  All kinds
of resources are being used in that restoration.  Some day, we will go even
further.  We do not lose hope of completely demolishing that monstrosity
capitalism built there, where the Ministry of Education is now, where the
country's first university was located.  We would like to build the
university as it once was.  We cannot do it now because we cannot go crazy.
But I do not lose hope of seeing the day we demolish that building and
rebuild it.  The projects under construction in Havana are being built with
good taste.  All child care centers, schools, and clinics are being built
with the old architectural style of the city.

We are not thinking of Habana Vieja alone.  We are thinking about using the
same criteria in the entire city.  We must consider the city's aesthetics.
We have assembled a group of architects who will be in charge of a
comprehensive development plan.  We have told each one of them, they have
to build a scale model and tell us the kind of architecture and type of
building it will be.  We are also taking advise.  People from developed
countries have come here and told us:  We don't want you to make the
mistakes we did.  This whole effort will be driven by an idea which will be
present from the beginning:  to keep in mind the aesthetics of the city.

That is quality of life.  A museum represents the quality of life.  An art
gallery represents quality of life.  Let us hope that the 10 million
inhabitants of this country can enjoy the pleasures of that quality of
life, that wealth, [applause]

I believe we have talked and discussed matters seriously.  All problems
have been brought forth.  Some of these problems are not easy to solve but
I am certain we will find answers.  You will not be sorry for the work you
have done.  You will not be sorry for the things suggested here.

I am sure we are finding solutions to many other problems.  I believe we
will find solutions to our shortcomings, errors, and limitations in this
field because we are guided by good intentions and strategically ambitious
ideas.  In the same way we will also find solutions in other fields.  I am
sure of that.

We said that many things have happened since the meeting with
intellectuals was held.  Today new contingents emerge vigorously despite
all our limitations.  Back then, we were engrossed in the battle against
illiteracy in the midst of the mercenary invasion which took place that
same year.  If back then it was said that many minds were being lost, it
would be difficult to say today that a single mind is wasted in our
country in terms of culture and art.  It would be very difficult to say

I think we will find answers to the problems brought forth here, which
guarantee greater development of our art and culture.  The day could also
come when possibly we will have less dissatisfaction.  I have already said
we will never be totally satisfied. I think that, even if our comrades from
the UNEAC do perfect work, we will make progress.  Things will always
remain to be done.  That optimum level is never reached.  Today's optimum
level does not necessarily have to be tomorrow's optimum level.  With each
problem that is solved, new ones arise; there are new challenges in life.

I know what you want.  You want a more satisfying job.  I know that you
truly wish that our country becomes a cultural power.  It can be one.  I
will not go into details.  I believe that the freedom and opportunity to
become that power par excellence are possible only with the revolution and
should be achieved only with socialism.  [applause]  Something is wrong if
it is not achieved with socialism.  The problem must be recognized and

Something that was said to the intellectuals back then can be repeated
today.  That is:  No one should be afraid of the word revolution.  We used
to say revolution: today we can say revolution or socialism.  It can [words
indistinct] creative freedom.  Therefore, revolution and socialism were
created to guarantee that freedom.  We will never be tyrants, [words
indistinct] that will not be socialism.  On the contrary, the reasons for
existing [word indistinct] is to raise to the highest level man's abilities
and opportunities.  It is to raise to its highest level man's freedom, not
only in form, but also in content. "Fatherland or death, we will win!"