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Further Report

FL152211 Havana Tele-Rebelde Network in Spanish 1329 GMT 12 Feb 88

["Portion" of speech by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, president of the
Councils of State and Ministers, inaugurating the "28 de Enero" Special
School in Guanabacoa Municipality on 11 February--recorded]

[Text] Other times will come when such extensive efforts will not be
necessary.  Other times will come when the workday will be shorter and less
effort will have to be made.  We will be better organized and more
productive.  We will have better and more efficient equipment.  But right
now we cannot escape the duty to make the effort.

In any case, there is no nobler effort, no more rewarding effort than those
our people are making and which can be appreciated on days such as this
one, in projects such as this.

The capital's program this year is tremendous.  This is February; perhaps
the first inning of the year or the first inning of the minibrigade
movement.  In fact, we can better describe it as the first inning of the
minibrigade movement.  Things will be done in an increasingly bigger scale
each year.  We will be better able to warm up the arm each year.  Our
pitching will be faster.  We'll throw better curves [laughter] and above
all, we'll have better control.  You have to pitch inside or outside, or
even right down the middle when necessary, with a lot of speed, control.
We must have control in everything.  We must control costs, expenditures,
the forces we employ.  We must control quality because what's important is
quality.  That's the number one thing.

We must extend this spirit that we have observed, this spirit that has
produced these excellent results.  It is spreading already from one end of
the country to the other.  We must work like the contingents, like the
minibrigade workers in all projects, all government offices, all work
centers, all factories.  You can see for yourselves how results are not
long in coming.

We must thank the Guanabacoa residents, workers, party, administration, and
cadres today for their magnificent demonstration of skill, hard work,
construction ability, and creativity.  I again feel committed to meet with
you in a not too distant future to organize [as heard] some project.
[applause, shouts] Fatherland or death, we shall win!  [Crowd shouts "We
shall win!"] [applause]