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Emergency Center Inaugurated

FL3004023088 Havana Radio Rebelde Network in Spanish 2300 GMT 29 Apr 88

[Text] Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, first secretary of the PCC Central
Committee and president of the Councils of State and Ministers, inaugurated
this afternoon the medical emergency center of the Luis Diaz Soto Higher
Institute of Military Medicine in this capital.  Lieutenant Colonel
Francisco Mendez, director of the facility, explained to Fidel that the
hospital now has 109 more beds, totaling over 800.  This will result in
better services for the civilian and military population.

Afterward, our commander in chief attended the inauguration of the (Elpidio
Verovides) Institutional Polyclinic in La Lisa municipality.  With it, the
more than 34,500 residents of the very heavily populated community of San
Agustin will have access to such services as physical therapy,
rehabilitation, a dental clinic, an emergency room, X-ray facilities, and a
24-hour laboratory.

Fidel also toured the facilities of the Salvador Allende Hospital's Medical
Sciences School which was inaugurated this afternoon.  Benjamin Castillo
reports on this.

[Begin Castillo recording] Our Commander in Chief Fidel Castro attended the
inauguration of the facilities of the Salvador Allende Medical Sciences
School.  The facilities cover approximately two blocks on Carvajal Street
between A and Agua Dulce Streets next to the Salvador Allende Hospital in
the capital's El Cerro municipality.  The commander in chief visited the
amphitheater, an anatomy class, a computer room, a pharmacology laboratory,
and an experimental surgery laboratory.  He was accompanied by Dean (Talina

Fidel chatted with medical students during the visit.  He also received an
album with details on the construction of the project presented by Reynaldo
Gongora and Ramon Perez, party secretary and [words indistinct],
respectively, as well as members of the Vicente Garcia contingent from Las
Tunas Province, which was in charge of the construction.  Worker Enriqueta
Gomez Riva and student Pedro Frometa Frometa, both outstanding in donation
of voluntary hours to the project, gave Fidel the collective commitments of
the center aimed at developing quality work in the training of the new
health professionals.  [end recording]