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Eye Surgery Center Opened

FL3004030288 Havana Television Service in Spanish 0000 GMT 30 Apr 88

[Text] The last project Fidel inaugurated this afternoon was Havana's
Serial Eye Microsurgery Center.

The commander in chief, accompanied by the prominent Soviet scientist,
(Svyatoslav Fedorov), toured various areas of the center.  First they
visited the diagnostic room used for patients prior to surgery, where they
chatted with specialists and were informed of the modern medical history
computerized system.  Once at the serial eye microsurgery room, Fidel and
Professor (Fedorov), creater of this surgical technique, were able to
observe how the transporting belt functions.  They also talked with the
young surgeons about the capacity of this center, the number of specialists
trained in this new technique, and the numerous advantages offered by the
new system.

Once they completed the tour at Pando Ferrer Hospital's Ocular Microsurgery
Center, a ceremony was held as an overview of today's activities in
hospital centers in the capital.  The following is an excerpt of Commander
in Chief Fidel Castro's remarks at this event:

[Begin Castro recording, in progress] ... and that is how it's been.  We
have inaugurated this afternoon these projects beginning with the Diaz Soto
Hospital.  An emergency center was inaugurated there.  Anyone can listen to
these words and not have an idea of what the institution is like.  I really
think it is a very comprehensive center created with a very advanced
concept.  It is a great institution.  It is not a mere emergency center,
because what could an emergency center be?  That center has thousands of
square meters of space.  It has very modern equipment.  Above all, it has
an extraordinarily important function.  It was the first one in the
country; hours later, a second one just like it was inaugurated.  Judging
by what we saw there, all the facilities and possibilities are there to
give maximum attention to any emergency case.  [end recording]