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Castro Presides at Havana Enterprises Meeting

FL0707183588 Havana Tele-Rebelde Network in Spanish 1700 GMT 7 Jul 88

[Text] Commander in Chief Fidel Castro presided over the opening session of
the third meeting of Havana enterprises.

At exactly 1000, the third meeting of Havana enterprises began here at the
Karl Marx Theatre.  More than 4,000 delegates and guests are attending it.
Jorge Lezcano, first party secretary for Havana City, gave a detailed
assessment of the extent and quality of work done since the last meeting.

[Begin Lezcano recording] We used to say that we were growing but we were
actually falling behind.  However, when a comparative analysis is made of
the reality and behavior of our economy today and the situation in 1985 and
1986, it may look like we are regressing, that we are worse, that even our
work is worse, and that our results are deficient.  Nevertheless, we all
know that we are doing better today, that we are really concerned with the
qualitative aspects of our work today.  If we refer to the investment
aspects of construction, the completion and quality of projects, the
production plan of an enterprise, the variety of production as well as the
quality, the way in which the enterprise commits itself to its plans taking
into consideration the collective interests of society and not the
particular interests of the enterprise, etc., we are doing better today.

I would like to give only two examples which even the comrades of this
enterprise can later expand upon.  For example, the Sergio Gonzales
enterprise, because of the dedication of its management, workers, and all
its organizations, substituted non-ferrous scrap iron obtained in the
country for raw materials from capitalist countries, without requiring an
additional cent in new investments or equipment.  So far this year, as a
result of this substitution, they have saved more than $200,000, and they
expect the figure to reach $400,000 by the end of the year.  At the
ironworks, they have turned over more than 500 recycled tons of local
copper (?mixture).  [end recording]

The in-depth critical analysis of the report caused much interest.  The
report emphasizes with concrete examples how much progress has been made in
the economic efficiency of enterprises.  However, many difficulties exist
which have resulted in nonfulfillment of plans.

[Begin recording] [Castro] In which sectors have we had the greatest

[Lezcano] Well, there are several sectors.

[Castro] Yes.

[Lezcano] For example, in the production of some SIME [Steelworking
Industry] enterprises, in some elements of fishing, construction
enterprises.  The majority of construction enterprises in the capital
fulfill, overfulfill, their plans, and grow.  But in others, which are
important, like the 22... [Castro, interrupting] Which is the 22?

[Lezcano] That is the one that built El Gato.  It is the one that
specializes in aqueducts, sewage, drainage, etc.

[Castro] Yes.

[Lezcano] There, because of a shortage in large pipes, the plan is

[Castro] I ask you the question because it would be good for us at the same
time to analyze the things that interest us, such as accountability and all
these things, to also, in some cases, analyze the specific difficulties we
have had.  It would be good to analyze the specific difficulties we have
had.  It would be good to analyze the supplies we have been short of and to
see about the possibilities for receiving some of those supplies.  It would
be good to determine, if we are behind schedule with regard to some raw
materials, the possibilities for making up for this in the second half of
the year. [end recording]