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Various Reports Presented

FL1607171588 Havana Radio Reloj Network in Spanish 1402 GMT 16
Jul 88

[Text] The seventh plenum of the PCC Central Committee ended in the early
morning hours today.  The closing speech was made by Commander in Chief
Fidel Castro.  The meeting had resumed yesterday morning with the reports
from the organs of the state central administration.  Continuing the
analysis, the commander in chief emphasized the importance for the country
of ensuring production exceeding 8 million tons of sugar this next harvest.
He reiterated that the maximum effort has to be made to clear the
canefields in July and August.  Fidel states that the cadres and workers of
sugar agroindustrial complex must be urged not to take vacations during
these months.  Instead, they should postpone them for later so as to ensure
that the job will be done.

Speaking at the plenum.  Fishing Industry Minister Jorge Fernandez Cuervo
reported that the sector proposes to catch 16,500 tons of fish.  With
relatively simple investment in the construction of breeding stations in
several provinces, the figure could go up in a relative short time to as
much as 45,000 tons a year.  The commander in chief gave instructions for
the immediate implementation of this integral plan with the decisive
participation of the party in the provinces.  He pointed out that the idea
of reaching the goal of 20,000 hectares of tanks for shrimp breeding should
be kept in mind by means of carrying out an intensive schedule to guarantee
the export plan.

The report by Communications Minister Manuel Castillo Rabasa concentrated
on the topic of telephones, a critical area in Havana.  In connection with
this matter. Fidel stressed that as the present critical situation is
overcome, thought should be given in the future to fairer formulas for the
installation of new telephones which will take into account the
qualifications and needs of the applicant.

Education Minister Jose Ramon Fernandez presented an extensive report on
the rectification process in his area.  He noted the favorable results in
this school term.  The plenum paid particular attention to the material
state of the educational centers and the pending needs for repairs and
maintenance.  Barbara Castillo, alternate member of the Central Committee,
referred to the work program of the publications industry and to the
initial results of the measures taken to unify and reorganize this
industry.  The Central Committee learned from her report that the situation
with regard to publication of textbooks this year is more favorable, as
more than 14 million books have been printed.  After hearing that 54
million books will be printed for the public this year, the commander in
chief discussed the excessively low prices of our publications.  He
suggested that more rational prices be studied which, among other
objectives, would help educate the public in the appreciation and care of

Another official who gave a report to the Central Committee was
Construction Minister Homero Crabb, who spoke of the process of
reorganizing the construction workers.  Higher Education Minister Fernando
Vecino Alegret then talked about the work to improve university teaching,
and Justice Minister Juan Escalona Reguera in turn spoke about the
application of the new penal code.  On this last point, the commander in
chief reiterated the importance of education, ethics, the family, and
living conditions in crime prevention.

At the end of the meeting, Fidel briefed the plenum on the evolution of the
military situation on the southern front in Angola and the present state of
the quadripartite negotiations.