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Castro Message to Nicaragua on Anniversary

PA1907221488 Managua Radio Sandino in Spanish 1314 GMT 19 Jul 88

Message from Fidel Castro Ruz, president of the Councils of State and
Ministers, to Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega--date not given]

[Text] Dear Comrade Daniel Ortega Saavedra, commander of the revolution,
president of the Republic of Nicaragua, and coordinator of the FSLN
National Directorate Executive Committee; Dear National Directorate

On the occasion of the 9th anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinist
people's revolution, as an expression of the deep feelings of brotherhood
and solidarity that join both our peoples, I am pleased to express to you,
to all Sandinist fighters, and to the Nicaraguan people our most warm and
sincere congratulations.

The always hostile U.S. Administration has tried in vain to destroy the
Sandinist revolution through its meddling and antirevolutionary policies.
For this reason, the struggle being fought by Sandino's best children in
the military, political, economic, and diplomatic fields is not just a
struggle to preserve the conquest of the peoples' power and to stop the war
of aggression, but it is also a struggle for the right of all the peoples
for freedom and progress to choose their own destiny and to free themselves
from imperialist tutelage and exploitation.

Once more, the Sandinist revolution proves that the peoples do not fear
death when they fight to free themselves from the yoke of exploitation.
The band of Somozist murderers organized, finances, and led by the U.S.
Government have not and cannot destroy the revolution.  The Sandinist
government has provided an example of flexibility in foreign policy for the
carrying out of the Central American peace plans; however, the Reagan
administration stubbornly continued to maintain its aggressive policy and
cannot understand that not even the slander campaigns, the terror, nor all
the millions of dollars that it gives the mercenary bands can destroy the
Sandinist revolution.

One people, one vanguard, and one directorate, together, with the
solidarity of all peace-loving peoples and the world's progressive forces,
will be the guarantee that no one or no thing will be able to turn it aside
from its historic heading.

I take this opportunity to express to you our satisfaction with the visit
of the delegation led by Comrade President Daniel Ortega.  The fruitful
exchanges are proof of the indestructible ties of friendship that unite our
peoples.  Nicaragua, as always, can count on the Cuban people's unbending
internationalist aid.

[Signed] Fidel Castro Ruz, Cuban President of the Councils of State and
Ministers, and the Government of the Republic of Cuba.