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Scorns Shultz Quito Visit

FL1308140388 Havana Tele-Rebelde Network in Spanish 1300 GMT 13 Aug 88

[Excerpts]  Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, president of the Councils of
State and Ministers, has said that his friendship with famous painter
Oswaldo Guayasamin is a great privilege.  [passage omitted]  A reception
was held last night a Guayasamin's residence attended by political and
intellectual figures from Ecuador and other countries.  [passage omitted]

In an exchange with Guayasamin in the festive and humorous atmosphere.
Fidel said that the mural he painted for the Ecuadoran congress and which
bears the initials of the CIA as a symbol of U.S. interference in Latin
American is going to be one of the most famous paintings, or at least the
one that became famous most quickly.  Fidel added that this stemmed from
the fact that someone did more than the painter himself.  This was
imperialism because thanks to its arrogance, the mural had become famous
very quickly.  Fidel paraodied Karl Marx's famous phrase when he said that
the specter now going around the world is Guayasamin's mural.

Amid the guests' laughter, the Cuban leader told of Secretary of State
George Shultz' arrival for at the congress for Rodrigo Borja's
inauguration.  I thought many things at that moment, he confided.  [Words
indistinct] because there was a big difference between this gentleman and
the rest of those present.  Fidel asserted that Shultz looked like a
caricature of power.  He looked flustered; perhaps the phrase caricature of
imperialism might not be inaccurate because imperialism is beginning to
look like a caricature.  Fidel also said that some people remarked to him
afterward that the U.S. official looked at Guayasamin's mural out of the
corner of his eye, seeing the three initials, CIA, which caused such a

Fidel reiterated that this was one of the happiest days in his life and
that he was very happy during his stay in Ecuador because of the very warm
welcome accorded by the Ecuadoran people and government.