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Speaks With School Director
FL0710154688 Havana Radio Rebelde Network in Spanish 2314 GMT 6 Oct 88

[Report by correspondents (Laidis Montoya Faude) from the Victoria de Cuita
Cuanavale special school in Boyeros municipality, Havana City Province, for
the "Exclusivo" program--live]

[Text[ [(Montoya)] At this moment, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, first
secretary of the PCC Central Committee, is touring the facilities of the
Victor de Cuito Cuanavale special school.  In a few minutes, he will begin
his inauguration speech. At the moment, the leader of the Cuban [Rome is
conversing with Melciades Romero Saldivar, director of the school.

[Romero] Here,in this municipality, it is for category two behavior.

[Castro] Is category two more complicated?

[Romero] Yes, it is a little more complicated.

[Castro] [Words indistinct] work easier for them, more important.  When
will these youngsters be here?  Do they leave every week?

[Romero] Yes, they are on a weekly system.  They have weekly passes.  They
leave on Fridays.

[Castro] All of them leave on Fridays?

[Romero] Yes, they all leave on Fridays?

[Castro] So, what kind of discipline do they experience here?

[Romero] they are under school regimentation

[Castro] Is there greater discipline here than in other schools, or the
same?  It is not true that they are under a special teaching program?

[Romero] Of course. This is the special attention they receive in the
school.  They receive special attention depending on the individual problem
for which they came to the school.

[Castro] When did school begin?

[Romero] We have been bringing them in by groups.  We already [words

[Castro] How many students do you have already?  Are they from the
[boyeros] municipality?

[Romero] No, they are from all over Havana City.  We have the bulk of
Centro Havana, Playa, and Diez de Octubre.

[Castro] Which is the municipality with the most problems?

[Romero] The municipalities with the greatest problems are San Miguel del
Padron and Arroyo.

[Castro] [Words indistinct] problems?

[Romero] Yes, most of the students are from Playa, Centro Havana, and Diez
de Octubre.  However, the municipalities with the greatest problems are....

[Castro, interrupting] What do the youngsters do here?  Do they have some
kind of productive tasks?

[Romero] Yes, of course.  We are going to tour some areas where you'll see
we have four workshops for them.  We also have an area for....

[Castro, interrupting] Do they have anything outdoors?

[Romero] They have an orchard.  They also have a breeding place for animals
which I think we are just getting ready.

[Castro] What animals are they going to breed?  [Words indistinct]

[Romero] Sheep.

[Castro] How are you going to feed them?

[Romero] We have a genetic plan that is.... [fades out]

[(Montoya)] You are listening, friends, to the conversation being held
between Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and Melciades Rodriguez [as heard]
Saldivar, the director of Victoria de Cuito Cuanavale school in Havana
City, which will be inaugurated in a few moments.  It must be emphasized
that the school will have 210 students with behavior problems.  So,
Commander in Chief Fidel Castro is currently routing the school facilities
and "Exclusivo" for Radio Rebelde is also here.