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Praises Polyclinic Construction

FL0710160288 Havana Radio Rebelde Network in Spanish 1021 GMT 7 Oct 88

[Text] After inaugurating a rehabilitation room at the William Soler
Hospital, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro went to the town of Calabazar,
located in Boyeros municipality.  He inaugurated a polyclinic there,
praising the quality of the construction and noting the merit of the
workers who participated in the construction of the project.  An important
factor in the construction was the participation of workers and patients of
Havana's psychiatric hospital.

[Begin Castro recording] A very important factor was the traditional
dedication of Comrade Ordaz [director of the National Physchiatric
Hospital] [applause] to any task, any task [repeats] assigned to him.  They
already built a child care center last year.  In that same polyclinic there
is a picture, a painting or a polyclinic, a hospital [corrects himself]
built in La Plata camp more than 30 years ago.  It was build of wood and
palm tree branches.  Complex operations that saved lives were performed
there.  I remember that Ordaz was the one who built that field hospital.
[applause] [end recording]

The leader of the revolution showed interest in the array of services
offered by the recently-inaugurated polyclinic.  When he was told that it
would provide services in the morning and afternoon [as heard], he said:

[Begin recording] I was saying we invent things that induce absenteeism in
factories and schools because these services are only provided in the
morning and afternoon, during school and work hours.  Why are services not
extended?  An idea came out of this--in my opinion a very useful one; we
already saw it applied.  The idea was to provide services in the morning,
afternoon, and night until 2300 by more or less distributing the staff they
have there.  In this way, children can go after school and workers can go
later.  Retirees can go during the day or in the afternoon.  Housewives can
go during the day.  So, this is a much more rational practice.  [end of

He recalled that physical therapy services used to be concentrated at the
Jultio Diaz Hospital which gives national attention to major and human
problems.  He also referred to the Frank Pais Hospital and its importance
in the rehabilitation of patients.  He reiterated the need for all the
polyclinics of the capital to provide physical therapy services.