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Tours Calabazar Polyclinic

FL0710165088 Havana Television Service in Spanish 0000 GMT 7 Oct 88

[Text] Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, president of the Councils of State
and Ministers of Cuba, inaugurated today the Calabazar Teaching Hospital.
He was welcomed there by Dr. Sotolongo, director of the center, who
explained to the leader of the Cuban revolution the characteristics of the
unit and specialized services that will be provided to the town of

[Begin recording] [Castro shown touring the facility and chatting with
workers] [Castro] Out of the three, this is the one with the best finish.
I believe that this one has benefited from the experience gained in
the others.  This one is better.  This little field is more complete.
Perhaps you have more land here.

[Sotolongo] Commander, in addition to this, little labor was used and the
experience gained in other hospitals was fundamental.

[Castro] [Passage indistinct]

[Unidentified speaker] [Words indistinct]

[Castro] You are going to have X-ray services 24 hours a day.  See how the
system can be improved.  Any system can be improved.  The fact that these
services will be provided until 2300 [words indistinct] and with less
staff.  The payroll has been reduced, although Teja [minister of public
health] was telling me that they are still discussing some payroll matters.
It has been reduced.

Now, what does this polyclinic mean for the 22,000 citizens?  It also
means.... [changes thought] Do you count the family doctors among the
90-some doctors?

[Sotolongo] Yes, family doctors and specialists.

[Castro] It means there is 1 health worker per 200 people or per 220 people
because there are some 100 doctors.  Here alone, in this community, there
is 1 health worker per 220 people.  This is not counting the clinical
surgical, maternity, and pediatric hospitals that provide services to this
community.  Here alone, the figures tell me that there is 1 person working
per 220.  [end recording]