Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC

Castro Tours Construction, Industry Sites

Red Sunday Visits Reported

FL0911004588 Havana Television Service in Spanish 0100 GMT 8 Nov 88

[Text] Red Sunday was held yesterday and Commander in Chief Fidel Castro
toured important projects under construction in various municipalities in
the capital.  There he expressed interest in the work's progress and
confirmed the organization and massive participation of Havana's people
during the voluntary work day.

[Begin recording; video shows Castro at construction site of Pan-American
Games stadium, identified by caption] [Castro] Where will the stadium be

[Unidentified construction worker] The center is marked by that pole with
the small piece of paper.  The one over there.

[Castro] So the stadium will come up to here.

[Worker] The stadium will spread around that area.  Because the area where
the track will be...

[Castro, interrupting] Is it oval-shaped?

[Worker] Yes, it is oval.

[Castro] Is the center of the oval going to be around here?

[Worker] The place where we are standing now is going to be part of the
track and the soccer field.

[Second worker] Hello commander, how are you?

[Castro] Hello, how are you doing?

[Second worker] Fine.  It's been a long while since we saw each other; not
since Escambray.

[Castro] How do you see this?

[Second worker] Well, we are working very hard on this project.

[Worker shows Castro a blueprint] This is the sports field.  The track is
going to be here and the space in the middle will be the soccer field with
grass and so on.  It will have drainage.  The area for stands will be here.

[Castro] And in addition to track and field and soccer, what will this be
used for?

[Worker] The architect says it will include a field for jumping, a triple
jump field, a tartan field such as the one at the Pedro Marrero.

[Castro] This is going to be for track and field events.

[Worker] For track and field.

[Video shows Castro at different place, identified by caption as the
Vanguardia Socialista ferrous production enterprise in Guanabacoa]
[Reporter] Commander, we are from Radio Rebelde.

[Castro] Oh, Radio Rebelde, yes.

[Reporter] We are broadcasting everything related to Red Sunday.  We have
visited many centers.  We have seen a lot of discipline.

[Castro] I am touring some places and I cam here.  There was a time when
Vanguardia Socialista was known to be a great factory.  Later, this was not
said as frequently.  Now, I believe, the workers are trying to recover this
image.  They were in a meeting, they participated in a meeting we had with
all the mechanical industry factories in the capital not so long ago.  We
analyzed the problems as a whole and also analyzed one by one the problems
of each factory.

Now, I was passing by here and I came in.  I had not come here for a long
time.  Before, during the times of Maximo, I used to come over here
more often.  When this factory was expanded, when the workshops were
expanded, and this [words indistinct] was built new.  It's been a while
since I came over here.  I wanted to see how things are going during Red

[Reporter] In general, how do you see Red Sunday?

[Castro] Well, I have only seen part of Red Sunday, but I have seen people
working wherever I have been.  They have been well-organized.

[Video shows Castro serving himself food on a tray; then seated at a table
and eating with workers] [Castro, recording in progress] ... when there are

[Worker] We are going to work until 1600.

[Castro] I found another piece of bacon.  [words indistinct] I want to see
how the chef's menu is.  [Castro takes a bite] It has fish.

[Worker] Yes.

[Castro] It really gave the rice a good flavor.  Is this precooked rice?

[Worker] Yes, it is precooked.

[Castro] This type is better to mix with other things.  I don't want to
fill myself up.  I am going to get wet out there and I am running around.

[Worker] You are going to Expo-Cuba.

[Castro] Yes, I am going to go to Expo-Cuba.  But don't you think that the
rice doesn't make you want to eat more.  [Video shows Castro at Expo-Cuba
in Boyeros, place identified by caption] I believe that, from the
engineering point of view, notable progress has been made.  I have also
seen that people have fallen in love with their work.  Someone made up some
verses because everyone asked if this was going to be completed by the end
of the year.  They got so fed up of people not having confidence that it
was going to be completed that they made up some verses in response.  They
said yes, that it is going to be completed.  They were read to me a few
seconds before I asked them if it was going to be completed.

[Worker] Yes, it will be completed.  [applause] [end recording]