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Speaks in Tuxpan, Notes Event

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[By Nelson Notario Castro from Tuxpan, Mexico]

[Text] Tuxpan, state of Veracruz in the sister Mexican nation, Tuxpan River
outlet.  This is where the "Granma" yacht left 32 years ago with its
valuable crew of 82 revolutionaries led by our Commander in Chief Fidel
Castro.  Thirty-two years later, during his visit to Mexico, the chief of
the Cuban revolution had an emotional encounter with Tuxpan residents.
[Words indistinct] farewell Tuxpan was unable to give the "Granma"
expeditioners during the predawn hours of of November 1956, has multiplied
now in this welcome given to the chief of the Cuban revolution.  Tuxpan,
Fidel, the revolution.  People who love Cubans, understand them, and know
about their struggle.  Thousands of people received the Cuban delegation
and they do it with the simplicity and spontaneity of Mexicans.  They feel
Fidel is part of them.

The leader who has said Mexico is his second homeland, is received here as
someone from home who is loved very much and not as a foreign visitor.  How
many emotions must the commander in chief be remembering at this time!  The
hurried departure of 32 years ago, the yacht sliding down the river with
the threat of being intercepted, the 82 expeditioners traveling in the
small vessel the best they can.  Raul and Che.  If that early morning was
full of silence and tensions, this noon is full of applause and confidence
in the future.  Thirty-two years after the commander ordered the departure
of the "Granma" yacht, history proves him right.  We note the date because
if the departure 32 years ago is unforgettable, this Sunday 4 December 1988
also is.

[Begin recording] [Crowd chants:  Fidel! Fidel! and waves Cuban flags]
[Mexican Interior Secretary Fernando Gutierrez Barrios, identified by
caption] Mexican and Cuban companeros.  Let's walk through this painful and
long process of our history.  Let's continue proclaiming our permanent wish
of getting closer spiritually to all the nations of the world.  We want to
do it within the framework of law, which is the way to live in freedom.

[Castro] Distinguished figures presiding over this event.  Dear friends
from Santiago de la Pena--this is it, isn't it?  [crowd cheers and
applauds]--from Tuxpan, from Veracruz, and of Mexico. [crowd cheers and
applauds] They are all the same thing, as it is to say that for us Mexico
and Cuba are the same. [applause]

I listened very carefully to the generous words of our dear friend Fernand
Gutierrez Barrios [applause].  There so many coincidences that they may
seem incredible.  All this is so extraordinary that this event being held
here could appear unreal.  You may say:  Why did this historic event take
place in Tuxpan, in Veracruz?  It was not historic at the time.  It is
historic now.  You may need some explanation to understand why we ended up
in Tuxpan.

We, a bunch of young Cubans had arrived in Mexico, as Don Fernando
explained, with the purpose of defeating the tyranny in our country.  Why
did we come to Mexico?  Because Mexico was a common house of all Cubans.
Mexico was the common house of all Latin Americans. [applause]

When we were here in 1955 and 1956 there were people from all countries.
There were Peruvians because there was a tyrannic government there, there
were Dominicans because there was a tyrannic government in Santo Domingo,
there were Nicaraguans because the Somoza tyranny was already there, there
were Guatemalans because the CIA had just defeated the Arbenz government
with its attack.  In sum, there were men and women from all Latin American
countries here.  I believe this helps to understand why we felt, with
certainty, it was right to come to Mexico, to get organized in Mexico,
train in Mexico, to fight for our country's freedom. [applause]

The trip to Mexico has been very exciting: to come back and see the changes
in Mexico, its advances, its progress.  I truly appreciated very much the
invitation extended to me to participate in the change of government.  It
was not an easy trip because there were some internal differences, views,
opinions.  I actually came to Mexico to fulfill an international duty in
our struggle of trying to unite wills, trying to achieve a greater unity
among our countries in the search for solutions to the dramatic problems
Latin American people are suffering today.  Nothing is farther from our
purposes than to get involved in Mexico's internal affairs. [applause] We
will never do that because, as I said, Mexico is like a second homeland for

Mexico was the country that always respected Cuba.  Mexico was the only
Latin American country that refused to obey U.S. orders. [applause]  The
only country that did not break relations with Cuba.  The only country that
did not betray the cause of solidarity among the people of Latin America
and Cuba.

Cuba and Mexico have waged together many battles in the international
sphere, in the United Nations and other fields.  For us and all
democratic, progressive, revolutionary men in Latin America, Mexico has an
enormous importance.  We need Mexico.  Mexico is one of the countries with
more prestige in the world.  We know it and we need Mexico's prestige.  It
is a force in the common struggle the Third World countries have.

If there is a vote at the United Nations and if Mexico has been proposed
for a position, the great majority of the countries always vote in favor of
Mexico.  Mexico is a common treasure of Latin Americans. [crowd chants]
[end recording]

Today has been a truly unforgettable day in Tuxpan, Veracruz State.