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Further on Castro Comments in Caracas

Regional, Soviet Relations

FL0302193189 Havana Radio Rebelde Network in Spanish 1800 GMT 3 Feb 89

[Text] Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, in an interview with the Venezuelan
press that was carried by Caracas television and newspapers, affirmed that
the meeting of leaders from all over the world on the occasion of the
presidential inauguration of Carlos Andres Perez will permit the
development of the idea of a common policy on many problems.

Fidel has called the Caracas meeting very valuable.  He said:  The value of
it is not so much in what is being discussed, but in the expression of an
awareness of the need to coordinate, unite, and work together on our
nation's large problems.

Regarding a possible visit by Carlos Andres Perez to Cuba, the commander in
chief said that it would be a basic action of reciprocity.  Fidel said:  It
is certain that there will not be a campaign against his visit, making
reference to the media attacks against his presence in Venezuela.  Everyone
in Cuba will be very happy with a visit by Carlos Andres, Fidel added.

Regarding the new U.S. Administration, Fidel said that, based on
conversations held with U.S. people, it seems that the United States is
beginning to see the current reality of Latin America.  If that is true, he
said, it would be positive.

On the foreign debt--a main subject discussed at all the meetings held in
Caracas this week--Fidel reiterated Cuba's willingness to cooperate in
finding a solution to this serious problem of the underdeveloped nations.

In reference to a possible return to the OAS, Fidel said that if it
benefited the continent we would be willing to join.  He said it was
necessary for Latin America to put aside rhetoric and move on to actions
for integration.  He added:  There has not been enough political will to
solve those difficulties.

Regarding a supposed rejection of the Soviet Union's perestroyka policy,
Fidel clarified that he respects it as the solution to the problems of the

During the approximately 40-minute interview with the Venezuelan press,
Fidel considers the future normalization of diplomatic relations between
Cuba and Venezuela as fact.  The only problem, he said, would be of a
financial nature, because of the high cost of this undertaking.