Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC

Comparison of Castro's Venezuela News Conference


Havana Cubavision Television in Spanish at 0300 GMT on 10 February carries
"part one" of the news conference held by Fidel Castro in Caracas,
Venezuela on 4 February.  The Cubavision version has been compared to the
Television Cubana version published in the 10 February Latin America DAILY
REPORT, page 2, and has been found to be identical, permitting the
following fills and clarifications:

Page 2, column one, last paragraph, last sentence, make read:
the idea.

[Colmenares] Could we interpret President Perez' statement as a call...
(supplying indistinct words, rewording).

Column two, paragraph five, sentence two, make read:  ...which you have
led.  Venezuela has been... (supplying indistinct word)

Same paragraph, last sentence, Cubavision version reads:  ...that movement?

[Castro] Cuba's cooperation is almost unnecessary.  Venezuela has much...
(providing alternate wording).

Page 3, column one, last paragraph, sentence seven, make read:  ...I was
not even thinking about Cuba... (clearing queried word)

Page 6, column two, paragraph six, sentence three, made read:  ...They
fought alone.  They were not a group of countries fighting for their...
(providing alternate wording)

Page 7, column one, paragraph seven, sentence two, Cubavision version
reads:  Why was the subject of integration practically absent from a very
superficial declaration on the Andino Pact, which Cuba, of course, has
nothing to do with.  (clearing queried word, providing alternate wording)

Page 9. column one, paragraph two, last sentence, make read:  ...had rifles
with telescopic sights, poison.  (supplying indistinct word, rewording)

Same column, paragraph five, first sentence, Cubavision version reads:
...there was a manhunt.  The great welcome... (providing alternate wording)

Page 10, column one, paragraph five, antepenultimate sentence, Cubavision
version reads: into misery.  If this exists, then this cannot be
an ideal system.  There is a crisis in the capitalist and imperialist
system.  Look at the conditions it has produced in the world.  (providing
alternate wording)

same column, paragraph six, sentence five, Cubavision version reads: our cocoa, fibers, and basic products, as... (supplying indistinct

Column two, paragraph two, sentence six, Cubavision version reads:  ...this
supposed crisis.  It is being presented as a definite and... (providing
indistinct word)

Page 11, column two, first paragraph, third sentence, Cubavision version
reads:  ...that there are statesmen who are much... (supplying alternate

Same column, paragraph two, first sentence, make read:  ...emerged, after
the Paris Commune, after the October... (supplying indistinct words)

Page 13, column two, paragraph seven, first sentence, Cubavision version
reads:  ...accusations against us?  Is it the people who fight apartheid,
hunger, poverty in the world, injustice in the world, and colonialism?  No,
it is the enemies of the people who struggle against us.  They make those
accusations... (supplying alternate wording)

Page 14, column one, paragraph five, sentence eight, Cubavision version
reads:  ...torturers?  I wonder if they are the ones who didn't believe the
lies.  Unfortunately, not everyone chose not to believe.  Many did
believe... (supplying indistinct words, alternate wording)

Column two, paragraph two, sentence six, Cubavision version reads:
anyone.  But we invited Amnesty International as well as U.S. institutions
that... (supplying indistinct words, alternate wording)

Page 15, column one, paragraph five, penultimate sentence, make read:
...counterrevolution precisely to prevent violence and torture.  (clearing
queried word)