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Raul Castro Congratulates Havana on Fulfillment

FL2804021989 Havana Television Service in Spanish 0000 GMT 28 Apr 89

[Text]  Army General Raul Castro Ruz, second secretary of the Communist
Party of Cuba's [PCC] Central Committee and FAR [Revolutionary Armed
Forces] minister, presided over the ceremony marking Havana Province's
fulfillment of their sugar quota.  Also present was Victorino Lenius, first
secretary of the PCC Executive Bureau in Havana Province.

[Begin recording]  [Vidal Anaya, member of Havana Province Retail Trade
Department] Today we have declared that our province, Havana, has fulfilled
its sugar production quota.  [applause]  So now, our mission, and we do not
have much to turn to, is to continue applying all our technology and all
our resources to continue increasing our production, so that every year we
produce a bit more than we did the previous year.  [applause]

[Castro]  Seven years ago you fulfilled your sugar quota and now you have
done it again in 1989.  We applaud you because this is very good, but we
cannot wait until 1993 to fulfill it again.  It must be fulfilled next
year!  This is called becoming systematic.  This is not something we have
to wish for; this is something we have to work and create the conditions to
make this happen.  Every millimeter that is advanced is a millimeter that
should be consolidated.  We must always advance, and rectify whenever we
make a mistake in our process.

I am sure, that just as you have honored the name this center bears--Camilo
Cienfuegos--you will do it again in the future, but to do this you need
systematic work.  We cannot have idealistic, unattainable goals, nor to do
this in honor of this day or that, this is the production plan and this is
what we have to do!  And we will do it!  We will not become frustrated; we
will advance a millimeter at a time.

I congratulate you on what you have accomplished.  I wish, and it is not
enough to wish something.... [changes thought]  It is as I told you before,
that these ups and downs would end and that you would always fulfill your
plans.  I wish you success not only in production, but in defense as well.

On behalf of the PCC and our commander in chief, to whom I will give this
sack of sugar that you are sending him, we congratulate the province for
having fulfilled its quota, and in this case--they even say that this is
not the best yield--we congratulate the workers and the population of the
sugar mill that bears the glorious name of Camilo Cienfuegos.

Fatherland or death!  We shall win!  [applause] [end recording]