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Castro Attends Reception for 1 May Visitors

FL0205124789 Havana Tele-Rebelde Network in Spanish 1100 GMT 2 May 89

[Text] Last night, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, first secretary of the
communist Party of Cuba, attended the reception given by the CTC [Central
Organization of Cuban Trade Unions] for the foreign delegations visiting
the country in honor of the 1 May celebrations.

During his stay at Miramar's Cristino Naranjo Social Center, Castro spoke
with members of various delegations.

[Begin recording] [Castro] Where are you from?

[First unidentified speaker, in Spanish] We are from the U.S. delegation.
I am originally from Honduras, but I am representing New York.

[Castro] Where are you from?

[Second] unidentified speaker, in English with simultaneous Spanish
translation] I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

[Castro] How about you?

[Third unidentified speaker, in Spanish] I am from New York.

[Fourth unidentified speaker, in Spanish] I am a doctor from Philadelphia.

[Castro] Isn't that also in the same state?

[Fourth speaker] Yes, they are both in Pennsylvania.

[Castro] And you're from Honduras.  Where are you from?

[Fifth unidentified speaker, in English with simultaneous Spanish
translation] I am from Wisconsin.

[Sixth unidentified speaker] That one is a union leader in the United

[Castro] Yes, I know that.  He is originally from Honduras.  What is your

[First speaker] Well, we are under a foreign military occupation, but we
hope we will be able to resolve our situation in all of Central America

[Castro] Come here [Video shows Castro having photograph taken with the

[Castro speaking to other delegation] They thought they were going to get
rid of the Torrijos process.  Well, if the people mobilize the [words
indistinct] diminishes

[Seventh unidentified speaker] As we get the necessary forces and the
approval of the people the danger does diminish.  We would like to thank
you since we are here and the Cuban people for their support.  This came
while we were in a crisis and when they [not further identified] though
they were going to cut our jugular vein and that would be that.  However,
it was you that helped us.

[Castro] They underestimated you didn't they?

[Seventh speaker] Of course.

[Castro] They underestimated your strength, patriotism, and the dignity of
the Panamanians.  They thought they were going to grind you up.  It is a
good thing that they went up into the hills.  That scares the Yankees.
Does the military vote in your country?

[Seventh speaker] Yes, they vote.  Yes, they reach the polls.

[Castro] When do you return to Panama?

[Seventh speaker] We return on 22 May, but our comrade here is going to the
Lazaru Pena

[Castro] Aren't you going to vote?

[Seventh speaker] Well, I don't know. We are going to have an activity in
the embassy in which we will discuss U.S. intervention.  However, I don't
think we can vote.

[Castro] The elections are on 2 May right?

[Seventh speaker] Yes they are that's this Sunday.

[Castro] You are going to advance and correct many things.  Here we print
the book by Chucho Martinez and send it over there.  It remembers
Torrijismo.  So, you all study here.

[Seventh speaker] Yes, we study at the trade union school.

[Castro] Can't you vote in the embassy?

[Seventh speaker] That type of program has not been done yet.

[Castro] We're going to lose three votes.

[Eighth unidentified speaker, in Russian with simultaneous Spanish
translation] In the 1960's, I was a student.  At that time there was a very
popular song called "Cuba My Love."  The song said Cuba was the island of
our dawn.  In the song, it repeated the refrain:  Cuba my love.  All the
young girls were in love with you. [laughter]

[Castro, in Spanish with simultaneous Russian translation] What a pity I
wasn't there. [laughter] I'm going to save a picture from those times.
I'll find a picture from the 1970's.

[Eighth speaker] It isn't the age that matters, it's the spirit.

[Castro] Of course, it's the feelings.

[Eighth speaker] I am happy to have this great honor.  I need a photograph
to conserve this moment and show it to everyone.

[Castro] Of course, of course, let's go. [end recording]