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Castro, Delegation Visit Sancti Spiritus

FL0605004289 Havana Radio Rebelde Network in Spanish 2306 GMT 5 May 89

[Text] The visit of our Commander in Chief Fidel Castro to the mountain
Municipality of Fomento, Sancti Spiritus was received with great joy.  The
chief of the Revolution and the delegation that accompanied him toured
various health centers, many of which were recently completed.

Fidel spoke with authorities and workers of the centers and expressed
interest in the development and prospects of the municipality's health
sector.  He was very impressed with the new facilities that the Cuban state
has left in the hands of the community, as he expressed it in the following
interview he granted to Rebelde:

[Begin Castro recording]  It is very good.  I especially appreciate the
effort that has been made.  These polyclinics have been practically
remodeled.  They have physiotherapy rooms, and, of course, an excellent
clinic as well.  The clinic is truly excellent; it shows noteworthy
progress.  It has very good personnel, very dedicated and enthusiastic.

I was explaining to you the new concept we are using in the capital.  It
has been determined that the physiotherapy gym must be located next to the
polyclinic.  Here, they have an advantage.  You have four blocks here
because it used to be an old installation, not a new one.  A new [word
indistinct] was added to it 5 or 6 years ago, when there were no more
resources.  You can [words indistinct], and the physiotherapy gym can be
built next to the gym.

Now, regarding the clinic, all the services provided here are very
impressive.  The clinic is the jewel for all those who live here,
especially if you consider the resources this area has.  Also, the room for
the children is a very novel idea.  The idea of rotating the children to
give them systematic checkups is new.  These are rooms complete with
doctors and everything else.  It is truly a novel idea.  I had not seen
this before. [end recording]