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Castro Inaugurates Albarran Hospital Expansion

FL0606014089 Havana Television Service in Spanish 0000 GMT 6 Jun 89

[Text] This afternoon, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz inaugurated the
expansion of the Joaquin Albarran Clinical-Surgical Hospital which is
located in Havana's Cerro Municipality.

Despite the heavy rains, the construction workers received their diplomas
from Fidel.  The diplomas distinguish these laborers as noted workers of
the project.  In the speech, the commander in chief stated that the
Revolution does not skimp on resources for our people's health.

[Begin Castro recording] Whoever has a conscience and knows that it's like
to have a sick child will be eternally thankful to the Revolution because,
at that time, all pediatric hospitals will have intensive care sections.
[applause] Whoever has a relative that needs a kidney transplant and has
his life saved, will thank the Revolution for the rest of their life.  They
will be thankful for those services that were able to save that life.
Whoever has to send a relative to emergency surgery, or send his wife,
sister, or daughter to a maternity hospital that has those intensive
prenatal services will always be thankful.  They have different names, I'm
just mentioning them like this to try and unify the concepts.  What about
the person who has a disease diagnosed in time and has his or her life
saved; for example, they can diagnose breast cancer in time.  We are
getting new costly equipment to give all the population this service, so
that every woman in the country can have early detection of the cancer.
This way, they don't have to have a mutilating operation.  Every women in
the country will be thankful for what is invested in this! [applause]

They will also be thankful for whatever is invested in research centers
where they develop a vaccine that will save hundreds of lives.  They will
be thankful of having the best medical services.  Without doubt, the best
hospital in the country is the Hermanos Ameijeiras; it is the one that has
the most developed technology.  That's not a hospital for leaders!  That's
a hospital for the people! [crowd applauds and cheers] [end recording]