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Castro Comments on MICONS Report at ANPP
Havana Television Service
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Report Number:       FBIS-LAT-89-137          Report Date:    19 Jul 89
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Document Date:       19 Jul 89
Report Volume:       Wednesday Vol VI No 137


City/Source of Document:   Havana Television Service

Report Name:   Latin America

Headline:   Castro Comments on MICONS Report at ANPP

Subheadline:   ANPP Concludes Meeting

Source Line:   FL1907015889 Havana Television Service in Spanish 0000 GMT 19
Jul 89

Subslug:   [Report on the final session of the Fifth Regular Session of the
Third National Assembly of the People's Government, ANPP]

1.  [Text] [Begin recording] [Severo Aguirre del Cristo, acting ANPP president]
We now have the proposals for the next province and the next national organ to
render accounts. There is a proposal that we will now present to you. If you
please, Mr Secretary [Ernesto Suarez].

2.  [Suarez] Comrades, with respect to the province, as you well know, we have
already finished a complete circle since this practice was initiated in July
1982. To begin a new cycle, and considering that this could end up being
beneficial to the activities this province has planned for the coming year, we
make the proposal that Santiago de Cuba Province render accounts in December.

3.  [Fidel Castro] I want to ask a something. Has the Isle of Youth already
rendered its accounts?  [Suarez] Yes sir, in December.

4.  [Castro] In December. So then the Isle of Youth has already gone by as a
province. No, I was not going to oppose the Santiago nomination. I agree
entirely with that proposal, but I thought that if [words indistinct]. 
[Aguirre] They have already rendered accounts. It is too soon for them to do so
again. Comrades, do we agree with the nomination? [Video shows deputies raising
their hands.] Very well. Is anyone opposed? [Video shows nobody raising hands.]
Are there any abstentions?  None.

5.  [Suarez] Comrades, on the organ to render accounts, due to the effect this
organ's actions has on the nation, we propose that the Ministry of Construction
Materials Industry render accounts in December. [applause]

6.  [Aguirre] Are there any counterproposals?

7.  [Castro] Hey Severo, how are the proposals you guys make decided on? Do the
two of you cook this stuff up and don't ask for anyone's opinion or what?
[laughter] [Aguirre] No, no, no, this has been counseled on.

8.  [Castro] It has? At least I'm finding out about it here.  [laughter]
[Aguirre] I thought you had already been told?

9.  [Castro] No, no, I see.... [changes thought] I don't disagree, but I just
wanted to know how this was done.  [Suarez] We told you about the province.

10.  [Castro] I don't remember. [laughter] When was that? I agree with both
proposals, they were good selections.

11.  [Aguirre] There was the suggestion that since Santiago de Cuba has the
congress coming up, we thought [words indistinct] would serve to urge Santiago
in their tasks. So then, we still needed to decide on the national organ. Do
you agree with the national organ?

12.  [Castro] Yes, I agree. [laughter]

13.  [Aguirre] The Ministry of Construction Materials Industry is the proposal.
Is anyone opposed? None. Are there any abstentions? Nobody. Well then, we are

14.  [Castro] We are?  [Aguirre] Yes, we are.

15.  [Castro] What do you know, we gained some 20 minutes.  [Aguirre] [laughs]
Good. Until the next meeting comrades. [applause] [end recording]

16.  Just as pleasant was the final session of the ANPP when, at Fidel's
insistence, the provincial presidents of the People's Government in Pinar del
Rio, Santiago de Cuba, Havana, and Havana City--after Ciego de Avila's
rendering of accounts--reported on the progress of the economic and social
development programs in their respective provinces.  We can say that the
results are notable when jointly evaluating the projects in the nation. There
is also tangible proof that the rectification of errors and negative tendencies
process is yielding results with the active participation of workers and

17.  Due to the high sense of criticism, which is the fundamental basis of the
rectification process, Ciego de Avila rendered accounts today to the ANPP with
a report that encompassed the province's general progress during the past 12
years, when Ciego de Avila emerged as a province when the political
administration was divided.

18.  [Begin unidentified speaker recording] As has already been said, and is
also our case, rendering account to the ANPP has given us the opportunity to
review what we have done, summarize extensive information, and to notice what
our everyday endeavors do not allow us to see--our people's achievements during
these 30 years of revolution. [end recording]

19.  The 7-chapter report and its 92-page final draft show, in great detail,
Ciego de Avila's historical outline, the results of the province's economic
programs, their main economic and social activities of national subordination,
as well as local subordination, the functions of the local people's government
organ, defense and internal order tasks, and the province's development

20.  This report emphasizes that it is not just enough to govern a province on
behalf of the people; it states that if something important exists in this
process, it is the need to find ways and adequate solutions for the economy's
real possibilities. The Government of Ciego de Avila, in its 12 years of
existence, is complying with this principle.

21.  [Begin unidentified speaker recording] Comrade deputies, if these 30 years
of revolution in Ciego de Avila represent great changes, the next 10 years will
be a challenge to our development and the creative work of the people of Ciego
de Avila. Perhaps our possibilities are defined now as never before and
concretely try to achieve an impressive increase of benefits for the province
and the nation. [end recording]

22.  Afterward, the ANPP Commission of Local Organs, in its report, noted the
achievements made by Ciego de Avila in agricultural projects, the ones dealing
both with sugarcane and nonsugarcane activities, as well as the achievements of
the fishing industry, especially aquaculture. They also noted the efforts the
province is making to increase national and foreign tourism. The commission
also noted the reduced rate of infant and maternal mortality, even though the
number of doctors per inhabitant is still the lowest in the nation.

23.  Some of the recommendations the commission made to Ciego de Avila Province
are: guarantee, in as short a time as possible, an increase of sugar production
until they produce a million tons; find a solution to the storing and moving of
sugar and honey in a manner that avoids losses; and finishing Palo Alto Port.
The commission also suggested that the province carry out measures to finish
the family doctor program.

24.  After debating the province's report and the commission's proposals, the
deputies proceeded to vote on the approval of both.

25.  [Begin Aguirre recording] We propose to the assembly that the political
and mass organizations of Ciego de Avila, its government organs,
administration, and especially the people of Ciego de Avila be congratulated.
Do we agree? [applause] [end recording]