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Castro at ANPP on Advantages of Socialism

FL2007141189 Havana Radio Rebelde Network in Spanish 1800 GMT 19 Jul 89

[By Gisela Bel Heredia]

[Text]  The only thing that can solve the problems of society is socialism,
said Commander in Chief Fidel Castro during remarks he made at the Fifth
Regular Session of the Third National Assembly of the People's Government
[ANPP] which has concluded in the Palace of Conventions.  The commander in
chief referred to several programs developing in different spheres
throughout the length and width of the country.

[Begin Castro recording] That is one advantage of socialism.  The
advantages of socialism are truly tremendous if one wants to take advantage
of them.  [pounds on table]  I think that some of these programs that we
have been mentioning--interest circles, schools, agromarkets, central
markets [mercado concentrado], terminals--are all inconceivable in

If socialism has all these advantages, then why not take advantage of them?

[Words indistinct] the plans that Lazaro [Lazaro Vazquez, first secretary
of the Communist Party of Cuba, PCC, in Camaguey Province] is developing in
Camaguey.  Lazaro is principally responsible for those programs there, 60
cattle processing centers a year, 300 cattle processing centers in 5 years.
He is also responsible for another 100 complete installations in Ternero
and Novillas, as well as the towns in each of those cattle industry areas.
He is also responsible for the roads, irrigation plans, genetic centers.
How can all this be done in a capitalist system?

We have a [words indistinct] a number of capitalist mechanisms there withou
integrating the plans [words indistinct], plans of that type, plans such as
the ones the people of Santiago de Cuba are carrying out in the pig
industry.  These are increases; these are not peasant free markets.  The
province of Santiago de Cuba alone will produce three times more pork than
the entire national peasant market produce.  [pounds on table]  The pork
has been produced economically with the use of food waste and sugarcane
by-products.  This can only be done in socialism.  [end recording]

The assessment made by the chief of the Revolution proceeded reports by the
provincial assemblies which reflected their principal investments.  In
reference to these, Fidel spoke with the presidents [as heard] of Pinar del
Rio, Santiago de Cuba, and Havana City.

At the conclusion of their work, the deputies agreed that Santiago de Cuba
and the Construction Material Industry Ministry should report back to the
ANPP in December.

During their last day of work, the deputies also debated and approved the
progress report given by the supreme People's Tribunal, the Attorney
General's Office, and the provincial assembly of Ciego de Avila Province.
Other points on the ANPP agenda included the debate and approval of the
Construction Ministry progress report, as well as the ratification of
decree-laws and Council of State agreements.