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Continues Tour of Camaguey

FL2607183889 Havana Television Service in Spanish 1700 GMT 26 Jul 89

[Text] We will now show you new footage of Commander in Chief Fidel
Castro's tour of Camaguey.

In Sibanicu Municipality, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro visited a
breeding center.

[Begin recording] [Castro] I have made all the calculations necessary to
find out how much money it costs to produce a liter of soybean milk [leche
de soya].  With 1 kilogram of soybean, you can get 8 liters of milk, after
you take this out of it.  Well, 1 kilogramm costs, more or less, 15
centavos.  Let's say 1 kilogram of soybean costs 20 centavos; divide this
by eight, and this will give you 2.5 centavos.  One kilogram of soybean
will give you 8 liters of soybean milk.  This has [words indistinct].  You
have to add a little sugar.  Soybean has protein and fat.  [First
unidentified speaker] It needs the energy.

[Castro] You need a little energy.  This is why you add a little sugar.
You have to calculate a little and then you find out how much a liter of
soybean milk costs.  How much do they pay you for a liter of cow's milk?

[Second unidentified speaker] They pay us 33.5 centavos.

[Castro] That [words indistinct] costly.  Imagine, that [words indistinct].
Raw materials will not cost more than 3 centavos.  [end recording]

Also in Sibanicu, Fidel toured the cheese factory that is under

[Begin recording] [ Applause] [Castro] [Words indistinct] That is to lose
weight, right?

[Third unidentified speaker] Yes it is.

[Castro This is really to exercise.  If you had a crane you people would
make more progress here, but then you would not have anywhere to do your
volunteer work.

[Third speaker] [ Words indistinct].

[Castro] Since what time have you been here?

[Third speaker] Since 8:00 this morning.

[Castro] So you have been here about 6 hours.  How much longer before you
have lunch?

[Third speaker] We have had lunch and a snack.

[Castro] All of that?  When do you work? [chuckles]

[Third speaker] Wait a minute...

[Castro, interrupting] Look, you had a snack in the morning, lunch in the
afternoon, and then you had another snack.  When do you have the afternoon

[Third speaker] Around 8:00 tonight.

[Castro] At 8:00?  When are you going to eat?  When does this volunteer
work end?

[Third speaker] Whenever we finish this part here.

[Castro] How many more meters do you need to go?

[Third speaker] We are getting to the end.

[Castro] You do this with only a shovel?  Don't you use a pick?

[Third speaker] We have a comrade who softens the earth.

[Castro] With a pick?

[Third speaker] He goes first with a pick and then we follow with our

[Castro] Is the whole municipality [words indistinct]?

[Fourth unidentified speaker] We also invited the presidents of the defense
zones, Commander.  The mass organization members are here, as well as the
members of the people's government, the Communist Party of Cuba workers,
presidents of the defense zones, the nucleus secretaries, and the base
committee for the youth groups.  This includes the youth groups' municipal

[Castro] Isn't this ground too hard?  Where is the builder around here?

[Fourth speaker] He's right there.

[Castro] Do you not use some digging machines in some of these projects?

[Fifth unidentified speaker] Yes, Commander, we do.  This has already been
worked on.  As you have said, the earth is very sandy.  This is where we
used the [words indistinct]...

[Castro, interrupting] What goes here?

[Fifth speaker] The automation workshop.  This will be for 25 pieces of

[Castro] Why so many?

[Fifth speaker] It is capable of repairing 25 pieces of equipment.

[Castro] Oh, it is to repair equipment.  Who doe it belong to?

[Fifth speaker] It belongs to the comrades from nutrition.

[Castro] Why do those workshops have to be here?  Does, by chance, this one
need 25 pieces of equipment?

[Fifth speaker] I do not know about the capacities.

[Castro] Is this workshop here [words indistinct]?

[Fifth speaker] From here [rephrases] The trucks that distribute the milk
from the pasteurizer next door come here.

[Castro] I see.  Do you know something?  The [words indistinct] of Arroyo
Naranjo proposed something to me, and I agree.  They wanted the farmer to
be the one to take the milk to the pasteurizing area.  This way, they say,
every time they have electrical problems on a Sunday, they do not have to
worry about finding, in all of Havana, the driver of the delivery truck.
They are sure that if the farms had the trucks, they would take better care
of them and this would ensure milk distribution without worrying about the
milk spoiling.

[Fifth speaker] Does much spoil this way?

[Castro] Yes, it does.  [applause] [end recording]

In the afternoon, the delegation went to Camaguey City.  Here, the leader
of the Revolution visited the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center,
the second one in the nation.  This center will, primarily, dedicate itself
to working with the agricultural-livestock sector.

[Begin recording] [Castro] So then, the building space will be over there
and over there.

[Sixth unidentified speaker] The building space, to widen, will be over
here.  It is all of this area.  [Words indistinct] production.  As a matter
of fact, this is where our pilot plant will be.  It is a small plant, but
it was [words indistinct].

[Castro] When are you going to build it?

[Sixth speaker] Commander, it is built for us.  Here we have, in addition
to the pilot plant, laboratories to carry out small scale pilot plant work.
It is not finished, but is is in this area.

[Castro] Well, thank you.  [applause] [end recording]

The Higher Institute of Medical Sciences, one of the more complete
institutes in the nation, was visited by Fidel.  He was interested in
various matters.

[Begin recording] [Castro] Don't you think the rectorate is a little

[Seventh unidentified speaker] Well, Commander, this part has...

[Castro, interrupting] What are we going to do with this large rectorate?

[Seventh speaker] I will explain to you...

[Castro, interrupting] Are you going to [words indistinct] or what?

[Seventh speaker] No, the first floor has 2 amphitheaters that can seat 150
people.  We also have eight areas for collective studies, as well as a
computer laboratory and a classroom with computers.  Then, in the teaching
building, which is next door and we will show it to you, we have...

[Castro, interrupting] Where are we?

[Seventh speaker] We are here.  Then we will go over here to Building No.

[Castro] All of these are for teaching.  What are these for?

[Seventh speaker] this is the kitchen-dining room area.  This is the
service area; it has transportation...

[Castro, interrupting] So, most of it is occupied by the housing area.  How
many interns can live here?

[Seventh speaker] We can house 1,600 interns.

[Castro] The smaller area is the teach area, right?  If there were no
housing here we wouldn't have any dining room or any of that.  How many
workers does this institution have?

[Seventh speaker] We have 700 workers.

[Castro] How many students do you have?

[Seventh speaker] We have 3,100 students.  We are going to increase this
number to 3,300 next semester.

[Castro] Are you going to increase the number of workers?

[Seventh speaker] No, we are not.

[Castro] When are you going to streamline this?

[Seventh speaker] As a matter of fact, I was talking with Comrade Teja
[Julio Teja, Minister of Public Health], and we are going to analyze this
as soon as the project is finished.  All of the personnel that is working
here, when we began this analysis, will be included in the analysis.

[Unidentified girl] Commander, I want to give you this flower.

[Castro] Oh, thank you very much.  [applause] [People chant:  Fidel!] [end

In the last part of the tour, the commander in chief visited the new
interprovincial bus terminal.

[Begin recording] [Castro] All of your buses are not here.  Nationally, we
are going to... [changes thought] Yes, you know what the problems are like.

[Eighth unidentified speaker] We already have a route from Camaguey to

[Castro] It did not rain as much as they said it would.

[Eighth speaker] No, it just rained a little, but [words indistinct].

[Castro] Well, congratulations.  [end recording]