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Castro Stresses Importance of Nation's Situation
Havana Tele-Rebelde Network
BRS Assigned Document Number:    000024773
Report Type:         Daily Report             AFS Number:     FL1412214889
Report Number:       FBIS-LAT-89-240          Report Date:    15 Dec 89
Report Series:       Daily Report             Start Page:     1
Report Division:     CARIBBEAN                End Page:       2
Report Subdivision:  Cuba                     AG File Flag:   
Classification:      UNCLASSIFIED             Language:       Spanish
Document Date:       14 Dec 89
Report Volume:       Friday Vol VI No 240


City/Source of Document:   Havana Tele-Rebelde Network

Report Name:   Latin America

Headline:   Castro Stresses Importance of Nation's Situation

Source Line:   FL1412214889 Havana Tele-Rebelde Network in Spanish 1800 GMT 14
Dec 89

1.  [Excerpts] Commander in Chief Fidel Castro last night closed the 3-day
meeting of first secretaries of the Communist Party of Cuba [PCC] from
provinces and municipalities, members of the PCC Politburo and Secretariat,
government ministers, and other political leaders. [passage omitted]

2.  Reflecting on the information presented, the commander in chief noted the
almost total paralysis of the attention given to the city in past years as a
result of negative tendencies and wrong ideas. Now, he said, we have to solve
them without a large amount of resources.

3.  [Begin Castro recording] The overall food program is designed to improve
our diet. This is also applicable to industries, beer, and fruit production,
which I have not included here because the important task of planting fruit
trees is part of the reforestation campaign.

4.  The important thing is that we are making a great effort in this field for
ourselves. Thus, developments will be designed to meet our needs in other
industrial sectors, such as in the metalworking and basic industries sectors.

5.  Then, we have social development programs. You have seen how much the
construction material industry has developed. We will continue to promote
construction so that we can build at least 100,000 houses annually and build
all the child care centers, special schools, and vocational schools we might
need. We will promote construction so that we can build adequate elementary
schools--similar to the projects we are implementing in Havana--as well as
secondary schools and social projects, such as markets, shops, bakeries,
everything relating to social needs.

6.  There is another extremely important program that we are implementing under
the present circumstances: the social program. Who is it for? It is for the
people. All this social development is intended for the people. The entire food
development program is for the people. All social development is for the
people. [end recording] [passage omitted]

7.  The commander in chief noted that the 7 December funeral for
internationalists was an event of great revolutionary reaffirmation. It was, he
said, a turning point.  None of us has experienced a more glorious and exciting
time than this one. Fidel compared the affect this event had on the people's
emotions and the atmosphere it created to the attitude of some arrogant,
pseudointellectual charlatans who, in some cases, are associated with subtle
forms of counterrevolution and whose program focuses on criticizing the
country's best efforts.

8.  [Begin Castro recording] I would say this is the pinnacle, not only from a
moral standpoint, but also from the standpoint of the responsibility facing our
revolution.  This moment bears no similarity with any other, not even with the
October crisis, which was something else.  I believe that never before in our
country's history has such an important political responsibility fallen on our
people, especially on our party, our militants, our revolution. We have an
entire contingent, a legion of people experienced in the struggle, in combat,
who know what they are doing; people who have never betrayed and will never
betray their people; people who have fought and will always fight for their
people; people who are willing to die on the front lines with their people.
They should be told that [words indistinct] [applause]. I have only two slogans
to add: Socialism or death! Fatherland or death; we will win! [applause] [end