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Castro Salutes People on Revolution Anniversary
Havana Tele-Rebelde Network
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Report Type:         Daily Report             AFS Number:     FL0101201490
Report Number:       FBIS-LAT-90-002          Report Date:    03 Jan 90
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Document Date:       01 Jan 90
Report Volume:       Wednesday Vol VI No 002


City/Source of Document:   Havana Tele-Rebelde Network

Report Name:   Latin America

Headline:   Castro Salutes People on Revolution Anniversary

Author(s):   President Fidel Castro on the occasion of the anniversary of the
triumph of the Cuban revolution during an interview with
unidentified reporter ; date and place not given--recorded]

Source Line:   FL0101201490 Havana Tele-Rebelde Network in Spanish 1458 GMT 1
Jan 90

Subslug:   [``Message'' to the people by President Fidel Castro on the occasion
of the anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban revolution during an
interview with unidentified reporter; date and place not

1.  [``Message'' to the people by President Fidel Castro on the occasion of the
anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban revolution during an interview with
unidentified reporter; date and place not given--recorded]

2.  [Text] [Reporter] The year 1989 was a somewhat complex year in the
international and national areas. We had some economic difficulties but we had
many economic achievements. We could say 1989 was a year of consolidation, a
launching year.

3.  [Castro] It was a year of extraordinary force. We already have 35,000 men
in contingents. They are performing true labor feats. We have tens and tens of
thousands of construction workers who are inspired by that example.  We are
carrying out.... [changes thought] Thanks to the effort of all the people, of
course. Nothing is possible here without the people.

4.  We are carrying out very important programs and we are conducting them at a
fast pace. You have the example here that we completed the polyclinics program
in the capital. Tomorrow, we will complete the special education schools
program. The child care center program was fulfilled earlier. Yesterday, we
inaugurated five construction materials industries. In previous days, we
inaugurated other things, we presented banners to contingents.

5.  This is a symbol of the spirit with which work has been done everywhere
this year. Industry workers have done an enormous effort despite the
difficulties in getting raw materials. Agriculture workers are also making an
enormous effort in carrying out their plans. Our main development programs are
being fulfilled.  For example, you can see some scientific achievements such as
the discovery and mass production of the anti-meningitis vaccine as well as a
number of other pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. They bring not only
a better health outlook but also economic possibilities for the country.

6.  A lot of progress has been made in the sphere of tourism.  This is another
of the important areas which can be used to increase the country's income
quickly. It can be said that it is one of the things that has taken off. Many
possibilities have come up in that field. Food programs are being fulfilled at
a terrific pace. The programs include milk production, pork and poultry meat,
eggs, tubers and vegetables, and rice. This year, we organized 74 brigades for
drainage plots. We had 47 at the beginning of the year. This is the area in
which the food industry was planning to have 95. As of 31 December it has 121,
to give you an example. We created seven brigades of (?blight) engineering
systems. In 2 more years, we plan to have all the ones we need to complete
those foodstuffs programs. They are making progress.

7.  [Reporter] Livestock and the dairy basin.

8.  [Castro] Precisely, when I speak of milk programs I am speaking of six
fronts we have opened already. The one in Camaguey is the largest one. Our
programs, the mechanical industry program is making progress; the construction
material program industry is making progress; the basic industry programs are
also making progress. We are finishing the Cienfuegos oil refinery.  We are
advancing in the nuclear power plant. We are quickly making progress in the
construction of CAME 2, the second nickel plant, with a construction
contingent. I was told yesterday that around 10,000 tons of nickel will be
reached at the Che Guevara plant. The difficulties that had impaired that
plant's operation are being solved. Large thermoelectric power plants are being
built in Felton, east of Havana. The mechanical industry of Santa Clara is
being developed. This is a very important plant--that is, in the economic
sphere in general.

9.  Social programs are being developed. The housing program is being increased
considerably. This is the case with child care center construction programs,
special education schools, and polyclinics. I am not going to talk to you about
our capital. Our capital completed these programs and is heading toward others.
In a few more weeks, the capital is going to have completed eight bus
terminals. In a few more months, the capital is going to have built the
gathering markets. It would take too long to explain all these things.

10.  I want to congratulate the people for many things. First, for the spirit
with which they have worked this year, for the strength and revolutionary
spirit shown, for the exemplary behavior shown during these difficult times,
for the support given to the revolution, for the disposition to take forward
socialism in our country and face any difficulty that may arise. I am certain
that we count on all the political and moral factors to face any type of

11.  Nothing and nobody will make our fatherland turn back from the socialist
path. I have to congratulate the people--more than congratulate--to express our
deepest acknowledgement for the spirit shown on 7 December, for the spirit
shown after the brutal imperialist attack on Panama, for the hundreds of
thousands of men in this country who have expressed their willingness to
fulfill any internationalist mission, even there if it were necessary.

12.  I have to congratulate the young people for the magnificent and
extraordinary event they held on 28 December.  There are many things. I also
want to congratulate the people, not only congratulate them but thank them, for
the firmness and loyalty with which they have accompanied the revolution during
these glorious 31 years.