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Castro, Robaina Address Havana Youth Rally
Havana Tele Rebelde Network
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Report Type:         Daily Report             AFS Number:     FL0404161290
Report Number:       FBIS-LAT-90-066          Report Date:    05 Apr 90
Report Series:       Daily Report             Start Page:     2
Report Division:     CARIBBEAN                End Page:       3
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Classification:      UNCLASSIFIED             Language:       Spanish
Document Date:       04 Apr 90
Report Volume:       Thursday Vol VI No 066


City/Source of Document:   Havana Tele Rebelde Network

Report Name:   Latin America

Headline:   Castro, Robaina Address Havana Youth Rally

Author(s):   Roberto Robaina, first secretary of the Union of Young Communists,
and President Fidel Castro, at a youth rally in Havana on 4

Source Line:   FL0404161290 Havana Tele Rebelde Network in Spanish 1146 GMT 4
Apr 90

Subslug:   [Report on addresses by Roberto Robaina, first secretary of the
Union of Young Communists, and President Fidel Castro, at a youth
rally in Havana on 4 April--recorded]

1.  [Report on addresses by Roberto Robaina, first secretary of the Union of
Young Communists, and President Fidel Castro, at a youth rally in Havana on 4

2.  [Text] [Robaina] Comrades, a moment ago we were talking about the home run
by Cuban youth, but on this occasion I prefer to now turn over the aluminum to
the fourth batter on this team. We want Fidel to speak to us.  Comrade Fidel,
we ask you to present us with your words as a birthday gift. Tonight you have
the bases full. There are no outs; there are no strikes. There are no balls
because those on the other team have not been able to get one by. And Cuban
youth is waiting for you to speak your home run.

3.  [Castro] Now I understand why so late tonight they told me there was a
rumor I was going to speak at midnight.  Robertico [Robaina] said to me: We
want you to say a few words. I said: If it is only a few words, yes. Not a
speech, really. I think the speech has already been given by Robertico, and he
has hit a home run with the bases filled, and he is so many runs ahead that a
bunt towards third would be best. [laughter]

4.  But alright. I think that today is a day of great importance. It is also a
day young people are commemorating with the maximum spirit of struggle and

5.  [Robaina] Today while our lieutenant is presiding over the ceremony of the
our April anniversary, it is worthwhile to repeat his anti-imperialist words. I
expect nothing from the Americans, Maceo said, and then added: We must stake
everything on our efforts. It is better to rise or fall without help rather
than become indebted to such a powerful neighbor.

6.  The revolution did not invent the Yankees. Our heroes already appreciated
in all its dimensions the danger the nearness of such a dangerous and miserable
neighbor represented for Cuba. Neither Marti, nor Gomez, nor Maceo could ever
be standard-bearers for the imperialists against our country. The day that
happens, that bronze horse will shake on its pedestal, and the bronze horseman
will again take up his machete and ride through the rebellious countryside,
again leading the battle against the foreign invader. [applause]

7.  We Cuban young people feel tremendously proud of playing on the commander's
team, and here we say, as Camilo [Cienfuegos] once said when in baseball the
opposing team asked him to play for them, that not even in sports would he play
against Fidel. Therefore, to our arrogant neighbors we say that not even in
baseball can they count on a Cuban young person to play against Fidel, because
this is a people of Camilos.

8.  Now the Yankees think they will beat us. [crowd chanting indistinct] They
are so ridiculous that they chose the channel 12 + 1 to transmit their signal.
The Yankees are balloonists, and balloons do not interest the Cuban people or
youth. They should rather devote themselves to flying kites in Florida.

9.  Today, dear founder of the Union of Young Communists, we want to tell you
simply in the language of the people, in the language of Cuban young people: I
am with you Fidel, in good times and in bad. I am with you Fidel, in this
``forward, forward'' which has lasted more than 31 years. I am with you Fidel,
in this daring that goes from the Granma to the Hermann. I am with you Fidel,
in this eternal Baragua of the nation. I am with you Fidel, in rectifying what
has been done badly. This is how we, the Cuban young people, respond.

10.  Dear comrades, who are the [words indistinct] at our party? [crowd
answers: The Yankees!] Who are those who have nothing to do in Cuba? [crowd
answers: The Yankees!] Who will have to swallow their Channel 12 + 1? [crowd
answers: The Yankees!] Who is the aggressive, insolent, and miserable Goliath?
[crowd answers: The Yankees!] However, what is our slingshot? [crowd answers:
David's slingshot!] What do we Cuban young people always say when we conclude
revolutionary ceremonies like this one? Socialism or death! What is the name we
always say with respect, admiration, and affection? [crowd answers: Fidel!]
Yes, Fidel! [crowd chants: Fidel, Fidel!]

11.  [Castro] Young comrades, there can be happiness only with dignity. There
can only be joy with freedom. A slave does not know how to smile. A slave does
not know what honor is. A slave does not know what dignity is. A slave does not
know what respect is. A slave, if he receives anything, receives pity.

12.  When I saw you all today, when I saw the joy tonight in this ceremony, I
thought: How correct and just our line is! If there must be happiness, if there
must be love, if there must be smiles, it can only be with freedom and dignity.
I said to myself: I am sure that none of these young people would ever choose
the road of capitulation, the road of slavery.

13.  I thought: How many symbols are gathered together here tonight-- the
symbol of healthy youth, the symbol of combative youth, the symbol of
unsurpassable youth. It is an exceptional time in the history of our nation, a
time of struggle, a time of firmness, a time of determination; and the symbol
of Maceo is in our midst, the highest symbol of national dignity, the highest
symbol of courage and honor in our wars of independence, the symbol of the most
glorious event [reception interrupted] which is the protest of Baragua.

14.  Therefore, here before the statue of Maceo, I ask: What road will we
follow? The road of slavery or of freedom?  [crowd answers: Freedom!] What road
will we follow?  The road of capitulation or of resistance? [crowd answers:
Resistance!] What road will we follow, comrades, my dear young people of this
revolutionary nation? The road of Zanjon or of Baragua? [crowd answers:
Baragua!] [applause]

15.  I have nothing more to say. Let us continue to enjoy the anniversary, the
parties, and the joy. Our nation will be an eternal Baragua! [applause] An
eternal Baragua means an eternal revolution, eternal freedom. Although we say
fatherland or death, we also say we will win. [applause] Choosing the road of
resistance means that not only will we be capable of resisting, but also of
winning. [applause]

16.  We are simply--and you know it, and you feel it--we are invincible.
[applause] A people and a revolution that have young people like you are
invincible. Therefore, let us say here before the statue of Antonio Maceo: We
will be capable of following your example. We will be capable of resisting and
winning. We will be capable of living up to our heroic and glorious slogans:
Socialism or death, fatherland or death, we will win! [applause]