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Events Relating to 7th ANPP Assembly Session
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Report Number:       FBIS-LAT-90-135          Report Date:    13 Jul 90
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Document Date:       12 Jul 90
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Report Name:   Latin America

Headline:   Events Relating to 7th ANPP Assembly Session

Subheadline:   Castro on Elevator Maintenance

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Jul 90

1.  [Text] The first day of the Seventh Regular Session of the Third National
Assembly of the People's Government [ANPP] took place with the attendance of
Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, president of the Councils of State and

2.  [Begin recording] [Reporter Hilda Prieto] The morning and afternoon
sessions of the ANPP today [11 July] were dedicated to the debate and approval
of the report presented by the tourism sector comprised of four
institutions--the National Institute of Tourism, Campismo Popular, the
Cubanacan S.A. corporation, and the Gaviota group.

3.  Thirty-five presentations were made by deputies and other state officials
offering solutions to such problems as the way tourism facilities will be made
available to the population so they can enjoy them during their vacations. 
There was a consensus that the CTC [Cuban Workers Federation] would be the most
appropriate organization to fairly distribute these facilities.

4.  Another highly debated topic was how to guarantee the maintenance and
repair of furnaces, refrigeration systems, air conditioning, and elevators in
tourism installations.  Regarding this last topic, Deputy Fidel Castro said:

5.  [Castro] I hope to purchase the best, safest, most prestigious elevators
for national hotels, as well as joint ventures.  We cannot ignore this because
it is a true tragedy for an elevator not to be of the best quality.  It is one
of the most practical things about a hotel, whether it is for cargo,
passengers, or whatever.  We cannot escape this principle.

6.  [Prieto] Suggestions were made on establishing a stable policy for the
maintenance and repair of elevators, such as creating a national or provincial
organization or workshops.

7.  [Castro] I envision the entire highway system north of Villa Clara, Ciego
de Avila, and Camaguey lined with hundreds of hotels serviced by a single
provincial enterprise from Villa Clara, Camaguey, Ciego de Avila, Santiago de
Cuba, or from anywhere.  We want to give this the priority that the tourism
industry deserves. We want to guarantee its safety, service.  Elevators cannot
be placed in the hands of an enterprise.  Each of those areas will have to have
small workshops and brigades, not workshops or units that have big work rosters
or other such crazy things.  They should be subject to the authority of the
tourism industry so that maintenance can be constant. [pounds table eight
times] There should be staff, even in the hotels, who can fix elevators.  I
think this is the way this problem should be solved. [end recording]