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Castro Outlines Food Production Goals
Havana International Service
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Report Number:       FBIS-LAT-90-214          Report Date:    05 Nov 90
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Document Date:       05 Nov 90
Report Volume:       Monday Vol VI No 214


City/Source of Document:   Havana International Service

Report Name:   Latin America

Headline:   Castro Outlines Food Production Goals

Source Line:   PA0511043190 Havana International Service in Spanish 0002 GMT 5
Nov 90

1.  [Text] President Fidel Castro said today that serious work is being done in
the national food program because of the reorganization of the agricultural
sector and the achievements in food production in the short run. Fidel Castro
toured several regions in Havana Province on Red Sunday and made statements in
El Paraiso camp, Guines Municipality, where Cuban youth leaders are working.

2.  The Cuban head of state said that over 30 new villages and some 10,000
houses will be built in the next four of five years in rural areas of Havana
province to stop the exodus to the cities and to stem the latest tendency
toward bureaucractic procedure in the agricultural sector. Castro said that
students have been the soul of agriculture, and he indicated that a permanent
force is needed to perform agricultural tasks throughout the year. He said the
possibility of paying higher salaries in rural areas than in cities is being
studied, in order to encourage the labor force to remain in rural areas and
thus, to guarantee large quantity of quality food supply for the population.

3.  Fidel Castro said that we are talking about a true revolution in the use of
bureaucratic personnel in the agricultural sector, in a country where all
available famland farming must be utilized. He also said the consumption habits
of the people have to improve.

4.  On this subject, Castro stressed the need of learning the advantages of
eating bananas, rich in nutrients and vitamins, and he recommended the
publication of a book he brought from Ecuador two years ago that explains 400
ways of preparing bananas.

5.  In his meeting with the youths in El Paraiso camp, Guines Municipality,
Fidel Castro also stressed the participation of Cuban women in the agricultural
sector and the efforts of construction workers in creating the infrastructure
for the food program.

6.  According to preliminary reports from labor centers, 2.3 million Cubans did
voluntary work in the 14 provinces of the country on Red Sunday.