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Castro Continues Visit to Santiago de Cuba
Havana Tele Rebelde Network
BRS Assigned Document Number:    000002778
Report Type:         Daily Report             AFS Number:     FL1902133091
Report Number:       FBIS-LAT-91-034          Report Date:    20 Feb 91
Report Series:       Daily Report             Start Page:     1
Report Division:     CARIBBEAN                End Page:       2
Report Subdivision:  Cuba                     AG File Flag:   
Classification:      UNCLASSIFIED             Language:       Spanish
Document Date:       19 Feb 91
Report Volume:       Wednesday Vol VI No 034


City/Source of Document:   Havana Tele Rebelde Network

Report Name:   Latin America

Headline:   Castro Continues Visit to Santiago de Cuba

Subheadline:   Opens School for Deaf

Source Line:   FL1902133091 Havana Tele Rebelde Network in Spanish 1200 GMT 19
Feb 91

1.  [Text] Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, first secretary of the Central
Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, has opened the Eduardo Mesa Special
School for deaf and hearing impaired children located in Santiago de Cuba. This
center's opening will make it possible to educate children and young people,
who will be integrated into socially useful work after training in different

2.  [Begin Castro recording] [applause] [To signing interpreter] How do we do
this now? It will be easy, right?  [Interpreter answers: Yes.] Families,
teachers, students, guests:

3.  It is cold, is it not? Do you not think so? Is that how you say cold? All
right. Tonight, as we already [words indistinct] we are opening this school. In
my opinion, it is a great school. Really, I like it a lot. Since we got here, I
have liked everything they have shown us, with the participation of the
students. Each student was doing admirable and very moving things. From the
very beginning we were able to observe the school's quality, the beauty of the
construction, and especially this school's importance, the school's usefulness
for all of you.  [applause] [end recording]