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Castro Attends Galician Festival in Havana
Havana Tele Rebelde and Cuba Vision Networks
Report Type:         Daily Report             AFS Number:     PA0310043391
Report Number:       FBIS-LAT-91-200          Report Date:    16 Oct 91
Report Series:       Daily Report             Start Page:     3
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Document Date:       30 Sep 91
Report Volume:       Wednesday Vol VI No 200


City/Source of Document:   Havana Tele Rebelde and Cuba Vision Networks

Report Name:   Latin America

Headline:   Castro Attends Galician Festival in Havana

Subheadline:   Castro Speaks at Celebration

Author(s):   President Fidel Castro at Galician celebration in Havana on 29

Source Line:   PA0310043391 Havana Tele Rebelde and Cuba Vision Networks in
Spanish 0000 GMT 30 Sep 91

Subslug:   [Speech by President Fidel Castro at Galician celebration in Havana
on 29 September-recorded]

1.  [Speech by President Fidel Castro at Galician celebration in Havana on 29

2.  [Text] Well, I have just arrived. I was not waiting for the rain to stop,
but giving you time to organize your party.

3.  I must say that these have been days of Galician celebrations which we have
all enjoyed in one way or another. It has been a long time-perhaps never
before-since I last saw so many Galicians or their descendants together. The
visit by the Galician delegation has been very pleasant, and we have been
honored at the Galician president's visit. In addition, it was a courageous act
nowadays, when people refrain from doing things out of fear of
criticism-criticism from the north, that sort of thing. It is a large
delegation that includes capable, intelligent, and agreeable journalists as
well as industrialists and personalities from the Galician Government.

4.  In sum, these past days have been very pleasant. You had the chance to meet
Manuel Fraga, while he had the opportunity to revive the memories of his
childhood. He was received everywhere with hospitality and affection, which he
has earned with his personality, kindness, and modesty. We have seen him
talking with the people; introducing each member of his delegation; greeting
Spanish descendants here; visiting associations, historical and scientific
places; working tirelessly like a good Galician without altering his
program-even though his plane was delayed approximately seven hours, and did
not arrive until after 0100. It was also admirable to see a large group waiting
for him at the airport for almost five hours. That was only a preview of how
the rest of his visit would be everywhere he went.

5.  It has been like renewing relations between our peoples: the Galician and
Cuban people, and the Spanish and Cuban people. So it is of great importance,
as Galicians are all over the world. When I found out that the members of the
associations are the children and descendants of Galicians, I had to admit that
it had to be that way, as Galicians are no longer sent over here. We now have
their children, grandchildren, and I imagine great grandchildren too. Of
course, there are still some Galicians here, some of whom are quite elderly. I
had the honor of greeting one who was 107 and was looking fine, and another one
who was 90. So, I am very happy [pauses] it is very gratifying to see that you
have maintained your traditions, customs, culture, and links. You have
maintained your associations. I was surprised to learn, because I did not know,
that there are more than 40 Galician organizations. I knew that there were a
few organizations and Galician centers, both here and in Santiago, but I did
not know there were so many.

6.  Fraga has mentioned here what we discussed in regard to the Galician
Center. He requested a few things, such as additional space and naming it
Galician Center. I promised to help.  However, I could not make decisions on my
own, as I must first consult the people's power in Havana. I must also talk
with representatives of the Grand Theater. However, I had already discussed the
matter with leaders of the Grand Theater, including Alicia Alonso, who told me
that she had no objections.  Therefore, if there are no problems, we can
satisfy that just desire expressed by Mr. Fraga. In addition, I was also
informed of plans to improve and restore the facilities. After this friendly
visit, what would we not do to continue developing the relationship and the
spirit of brotherhood that has grown during your stay?

7.  Fraga thanked you for your attention, and he also thanked Cuba and its
government. I believe that we are the ones who should really thank Fraga for
his kind and courageous visit to our country, and for his gestures of
friendship. We also congratulate him for the way in which he has worked and
completed his program which, as I said, was not changed although he and his
delegation only had a couple hours of sleep the first day. We are the ones who
must thank the Galician delegation and who must thank Galicia for sending us
such a noble and friendly representation. Thank you.  [applause]