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Activities at International Trade Fair Noted
Havana Tele Rebelde and Cuba Vision Networks
Report Type:         Daily Report             AFS Number:     FL1211142991
Report Number:       FBIS-LAT-91-221          Report Date:    15 Nov 91
Report Series:       Daily Report             Start Page:     7
Report Division:     CARIBBEAN                End Page:       8
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Classification:      UNCLASSIFIED             Language:       Spanish
Document Date:       12 Nov 91
Report Volume:       Friday Vol VI No 221


City/Source of Document:   Havana Tele Rebelde and Cuba Vision Networks

Report Name:   Latin America

Headline:   Activities at International Trade Fair Noted

Subheadline:   Castro, Basque Minister Interviewed

Author(s):   unidentified reporter; date and place not given- recorded]

Source Line:   FL1211142991 Havana Tele Rebelde and Cuba Vision Networks in
Spanish 0100 GMT 12 Nov 91

Subslug:   [Interview with Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and Basque Trade and
Tourism Minister Rosa Diaz by unidentified reporter; date and place
not given- recorded]

1.  [Interview with Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and Basque Trade and
Tourism Minister Rosa Diaz by unidentified reporter; date and place not given-

2.  [Text] [Diaz] Basque businessmen have been working with Cuba for some time
now, during the difficult years and at this moment. I have come to the fair in
Havana and have found that there is an enterprising group of Basque businessmen
who are willing to continue risking capital in this country, continue doing
their best to bring technology and trained people to this country. On behalf of
the Basque Government I would like to say that the receptiveness I have found
in Cuba has been encouraging.

3.  [Castro] I am witnessing this event. The minister is here visiting us and I
have had two or three opportunities to meet with the businessmen and to talk
about this. I also had the opportunity to witness the signing of two
agreements. One agreement is for the construction of electrical equipment aimed
at conserving energy, and the other is this tourist development plan which is
very important. It is truly very important.

4.  I came here to attend the reception being hosted by the minister and found
that yesterday the Basque enterprise had made progress in its talks with the
Cubans and today they had the basic agreement ready. However, I did not know
that the signing of the agreement would be today.  That was a coincidence.
However, it has been a privilege to be here.

5.  [Reporter] There has been much trade activity with the Basque businessmen.
We saw this at the fair.

6.  [Castro] Even before the fair talks were being held. The activity at the
fair was noteworthy. You were there, you know more about that than I do. I was
not able to visit the fair during those days. I went to the fair this morning
to visit the Cuban stands. There were many people visiting the fair; therefore,
it was impossible to visit the stands. There were many stands to visit and you
are in trouble if you visit one and not the other. Therefore, I had to refrain
from visiting the foreign stands. I could have told the Cubans to leave their
stands up for another day, but I did not want to delay them. They were already
tearing down the stands. I came to get an overall view of what it was like and
it looked good.

7.  [Reporter] Commander, what is your impression of this fair?

8.  [Castro] It is good. According to the information I have received and
according to what the people I have talked to have said, it is good. But I
cannot give you my personal opinion. I was only there briefly on two or three
occasions; the day it was inaugurated, the day the agreement with the Basque
enterprise was signed, and today.  No, I was also there on the day the awards
were presented.

9.  [Reporter] You were...

10.  [Castro, interrupting] A few minutes ago...[changes thoughts] I did not go
to the award ceremony. I was there to talk to the director and get some
information from her and found that there was an award ceremony scheduled for
1900. So I went. I visited the delegation several times.

11.  [Reporter] Your presence was an encouragement for the participants.

12.  [Castro] I am happy to hear that.

13.  [Reporter] We have also talked with many participants from several
countries and a great spirit of cooperation with Cuba has prevailed at this
fair. This is evident in the agreements signed, in the negotiations that are
under way.

14.  [Castro] Some agreements have been signed, but above all, many
negotiations are under way.

15.  [Reporter] Important negotiations, especially trade associations.

16.  [Castro] You cannot close a business deal in 48 hours.  Many agreements
were signed. Many talks and negotiations have been held regarding future

17.  [Reporter] Especially in areas that are important for our economy such as
the energy sector.

18.  [Castro] The energy sector. All the negotiations under way are important.
The equipment we are purchasing is for use in key areas.

19.  [Reporter] That is correct.

20.  [Castro] We do not buy luxury items. We buy equipment for our
laboratories, research centers, and factories. We do not spend a single centavo
on things we do not need.  We spend to increase our production and exports.
This is important at this moment.

21.  Well, we cannot keep the minister waiting.

22.  [Diaz] President Fidel Castro had his mind made up. I know much about the
Cuban revolution, the history of the Cuban revolution. I know that the
commander in chief represents the Cuban people; therefore, the Cuban people
will be his best judge and I do believe they think highly of him. I had the
honor of sharing many hours of talks with him. I had the honor of having him
answer our calls and attend our dinners. As a person, I am taking back with me
a memory I will never forget.