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Castro Speaks to Scientists on Science Day
Havana Radio Progreso Network
Report Type:         Daily Report             AFS Number:     FL1601192092
Report Number:       FBIS-LAT-92-012          Report Date:    17 Jan 92
Report Series:       Daily Report             Start Page:     6
Report Division:     CARIBBEAN                End Page:       6
Report Subdivision:  Cuba                     AG File Flag:   
Classification:      UNCLASSIFIED             Language:       Spanish
Document Date:       16 Jan 92
Report Volume:       Friday Vol VI No 012


City/Source of Document:   Havana Radio Progreso Network

Report Name:   Latin America

Headline:   Castro Speaks to Scientists on Science Day

Source Line:   FL1601192092 Havana Radio Progreso Network in Spanish 1800 GMT
16 Jan 92

1.  [Text] During a meeting with outstanding Cuban scientists, Commander in
Chief Fidel Castro stated that 1992 is going to be the most difficult year in
the entire history of the revolution but will also be the most productive in
the field of science. Here is reporter Juan Carlos Roque Garcia with details
about the speech by the first secretary of the Central Committee of the
Communist Party of Cuba at the conclusion of the main national ceremony to mark
Cuban Science Day.

2.  [Roque] Fidel stated that the most brilliant example of the advances in our
science is the battle being waged right now at the Luis Diaz Soto Hospital in
Havana to save the life of young Rolando Perez Quintosa, who was riddled with
bullets a few days ago by counterrevolutionary individuals.

3.  [Begin Castro recording] This is a struggle to save a life, an ethical
struggle. In the last 72 hours I have visited him twice.  Right now this life
is being defended primarily thanks to four Cuban inventions. Four inventions,
four of our products, four results of our research, four results of our
science.  In some cases there may be some of these products of course that
exist in other countries. But we have developed them by ourselves. There is the
Dinamid [expansion unknown]. The Dinamid determined in a few hours what kind of
antibiotic should be used, with 100 percent certainty of its effectiveness. I
believe there are two percentages involved. One is the antibiotic that is 100
percent effective. And one can be a 100 percent sure that the antibiotic being
used will be effective.  Two antibiotics are being used to combat peritonitis,
and the bacteria that caused peritonitis. Two antibiotics with full
effectiveness. But this example is more graphic. It shows the importance of
this work in saving lives. [end recording]

4.  [Roque] Those were remarks by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro about the
scientific effort being made right now to save the life of Soldier Rolando
Perez Quintosa.