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Castro Gives Speech to Construction Workers
Havana Radio Havana Cuba

Report Type:         Daily report             AFS Number:     PA0612040792
Report Number:       FBIS-LAT-92-235          Report Date:    07 Dec 92
Report Series:       Daily Report             Start Page:     11
Report Division:     CARIBBEAN                End Page:       11
Report Subdivision:  Cuba                     AG File Flag:   
Classification:      UNCLASSIFIED             Language:       Spanish
Document Date:       06 Dec 92
Report Volume:       Monday Vol VI No 235


City/Source of Document:   Havana Radio Havana Cuba 

Report Name:   Latin America 

Headline:   Castro Gives Speech to Construction Workers 

Author(s):   Nancy Lopez on ``excerpts'' of speech by Cuban President Fidel
Castro on the ``Occasion of the Day of the Construction Worker'' in Havana on 5

Source Line:   PA0612040792 Havana Radio Havana Cuba in Spanish 0000 GMT 6 Dec

Subslug:   [Report by Nancy Lopez on ``excerpts'' of speech by Cuban President
Fidel Castro on the ``Occasion of the Day of the Construction Worker'' in
Havana on 5 December-recorded] 

FULL TEXT OF ARTICLE: 1.  [Report by Nancy Lopez on ``excerpts'' of speech by
Cuban President Fidel Castro on the ``Occasion of the Day of the Construction
Worker'' in Havana on 5 December-recorded] 

2.  [Text] During Fidel Castro's nearly one-hour-long speech to construction
workers at the Eastern Scientific Center in this capital, the Cuban president
gave an account of the progress achieved by this sector, following the process
of rectifying errors and negative tendencies.  He mentioned the construction of
hydraulic works, the rise of the contingents as a superior form of work
organization, and the microbrigades that gave unprecedented stimulus to the
housing program and social projects. All of this, he said, was impaired by the
regrettable events in Eastern Europe, one of Cuba's main suppliers. Despite the
limitations of the current phase, the nation perseveres with top priority
programs such as tourism, biotechnology, and others, the Cuban leader
confirmed. Here is an excerpt of Castro's speech. 

3.  [Begin Castro recording] Many of the programs we had were put off, and in
some cases some were almost totally halted. Many programs were reduced to a
minimum, even though they were very much needed, such as housing construction.
Imagine how much work was put into carrying out the construction of 100,000
houses, then having those programs reduced to just a few thousand. This tragic
situation in the wake of the socialist bloc and the Soviet Union's collapse has
forced us to sacrifice a whole bunch of things and to struggle against the
blockade, without the support of trade [words indistinct] means.  This has been
a real feat in every sense. Of course, it has translated into suffering great
privations and making big sacrifices. Nevertheless, look at what we are
accomplishing with the few resources we have. Look at how our people's
organization, unity, and discipline is upheld. This is why we are not only able
to face the special period but, we are also able to simultaneously carry out
important tasks n the midst of so many limitations, such as the sugar harvest,
the wheat planting program, and the entire food program. [end recording] 

4.  Fidel Castro underlined that Cuba's main resource is the spirit of
sacrifice of its workers and its people, their intelligence, and their
inventive capacity. 

5.  [Begin Castro recording] Our main resource is the people, their
willingness, their spirit of struggle, their capacity to make sacrifices, their
intelligence, their capability to look for solutions to the problems. They are
inventors and innovators. Currently, there is no other place in the world where
there is such a great movement of inventions and innovations as exists in our
country.  Shortly, the forum on spare parts and advanced technology will be
held, in which I believe, 60,000 solutions will e presented. These are
astronomic figures. How much intelligentsia, how many men and women full of
love, enthusiasm, and affection for their fatherland will be looking for
solutions to problems aggravated by the special period. You know what problems
there are in the construction field. We are going through difficult times in
regard to fuel supply. Approximately 40 percent more of the nation's revenue
has to be earmarked for fuel.  With what is left, we have to attempt to
purchase the rest of the things such as food, medicines, and raw materials. 
This is the heroic struggle in which we have become involved just when we were
achieving so many things.  We have had to give up a large portion of these
things- for now that is- because if there is one thing we have not given up and
we will never give up, that is hope. We have not given up hope nor will we ever
give it up. [end recording]