FBIS-LAT-93-201 Daily Report 20 Oct 1993 Bolivia

Castro Addresses Message to Bolivian People PY1910202193 Cochabamba LOS TIEMPOS in Spanish 6 Oct 93 p A3 PY1910202193 Cochabamba LOS TIEMPOS Spanish BFN [Text] La Paz, 5 Oct (ANF) -- Cuban President Fidel Castro has sent a message to the Bolivian people promising not to be "unworthy" of "such a big explosion of popular support for the Cuban revolution," which he received during his visit to La Paz between 5 and 9 August. The message was sent from Havana and delivered to the Bolivian Movement for Solidarity with Cuba last week. Fidel Castro's message says: ``We are united with Bolivia, with the Bolivian history of struggle and efforts, and with the combative and suffering Bolivian people by ties that take root in the decision by Sucre to fight for the freedom of Cuba. ``Because of our history of shared aspirations and our ties -- which have been sealed even with the blood of the children of both nations -- I always thought we would have a friendly welcome among Bolivians. ``But I never imagined that the presence of our delegation in Bolivia during the four days of the presidential inauguration ceremonies in August would have caused such an extraordinary explosion of popular support for the Cuban revolution. ``We lived and had an extraordinary experience in those days in Bolivia. It was deeply moving and incomparably beautiful. ``With their warm demonstration of appreciation and solidarity, the Bolivian people have sent a message to the world that Cuba is not alone, that at this time -- which is so difficult for our fatherland and our revolution -- there are people in Latin America and in many parts of the world who were not deceived, despite all the attempts to isolate our country and despite all the slanders and campaigns against Cuba. ``The Bolivian people and their solidarity have strengthen our forces to continue in the struggle in which we are engaged today, have confirmed our conviction that our struggle is not in vain, and above all have reaffirmed our certainty that the battle the Cuban people are waging can only lead to victory. ``For this reason, for the support and confidence extended to us, Cuba's gratefulness is eternally indebted to Bolivia and its people. The Cuban people will not betray this confidence and will not be unworthy of that support, that friendship, and that appreciation (signed: Fidel Castro Ruz).''