FBIS-LAT-93-245 Daily Report 23 Dec 1993 CARIBBEAN

Castro Commends Teachers on Literacy Campaign Results FL2212170993 Havana Radio Progreso Network in Spanish 1200 GMT 22 Dec 93 FL2212170993 Havana Radio Progreso Network Spanish BFN [Letter of greetings from Cuban President Fidel Castro Ruz to Cuban teachers on the occasion of the 32d anniversary of the literacy campaign on 22 December] [Text] Esteemed comrades: Today, on the 32d anniversary of the literacy campaign, one of the greatest gestures made by our people following the revolutionary triumph of 1959, I would like to add my congratulations to the recognition that all Cuban people have extended to the tens of hundreds of men and women who have contributed and continue to contribute to the noble task of teaching and educating in our fatherland. The historic achievement of literacy and the struggle for its survival that followed, the battles for the sixth and ninth grades, the complete schooling of the infant population, and the construction of thousands of schools and other installations for the various educational levels throughout the country were transcendental events that set the course for the avid cultural, scientific, and technical development that followed in Cuba, which elevated the prestige of our country in the world and is a reason for our people to feel proud. The enthusiastic participation of a true army of teachers and professors, formed by the Revolution, was significant to the fulfillment and endurance of these results, from the first plans of volunteer teachers to the impressive teaching detachments that we have today. Today's Cuban educator, who has inherited a beautiful tradition of dedication to the teaching profession from Varela, Luz Caballero, and Marti, has always been characterized by his patriotic spirit; adherence to Martist, Marxist, and Leninist thought; an internationalist vocation; unselfish dedication; and loyalty to the Revolution. All this has made him one of the most admired and loved professionals in our society. During these times of difficulties and limited resources, our people appreciate the infinite love of the teachers in the infant circles and specialized and elementary schools; the dedicated effort of the teachers who work in rural schools; and the responsible work by mid-level, polytechnical, and university teachers who are aware that today the teacher is a decisive factor in planting the virtues of patriotism; safeguarding the national identity; and teaching the revolutionary values of love of work, defense of the fatherland's independence, and the necessary ethical foundations for the next generation of Cuban communists. By keeping the schools operating, and making them impenetrable bastions of our revolutionary ideas through your effort, dedication, and sacrifice, you are making a direct and decisive contribution in the effort to save the fatherland, the Revolution, and the achievements of our socialism. Esteemed comrades and teachers, together with our most sincere congratulations, please accept the appreciative recognition of the party and of the government, and our most cordial greetings. Fraternally, Fidel Castro Ruz.