Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC
FBIS-LAT-94-070 Daily Report 11 Apr 1994 CARIBBEAN Cuba

Castro Sends Congratulatory Letter to Workers

FL1104140694 Havana Radio Progreso Network in Spanish 1100 GMT 11 Apr 94 FL1104140694 Havana Radio Progreso Network Spanish BFN ["Text" of letter sent by Cuban President Fidel Castro to Camilo Cienfuegos contingent construction workers; date not given -- read by announcer]

[Text] Dear Comrades: I deeply regret having been unable to be with you in the ceremony held on 4 April when you completed the Jiguey-Romano-Cayo Cruz rockfill embankment project, but other work activities that could have not been postponed prevented my being there with you.

I wanted to convey to you now, however, that I felt great satisfaction and joy when I learned that you have successfully concluded that very important project.

I have been continuously informed on the development of the work by Comrade [Politburo member Julian] Rizo and, more recently, by the reports published in our press.

The figures clearly and eloquently speak of the deed you have accomplished: More than 270,000 truckloads of various materials were used; almost 2 million cubic meters of rock were dumped into the sea; over 43 km of highway were built; and all that was completed in just 54 months and 18 days of intensive and unselfish work under very difficult conditions.

Such achievements are possible only where there are groups of workers like those of that contingent, men and women with the same resolution and will to work that you have demonstrated. It is no secret to you that the current circumstances in the country give a strategic significance to the effort we must make to create, at a more accelerated rate, the minimal structure that will help us increase our tourist capacity and enhance the quality of service in that sphere.

The rockfill embankment you have just completed is a concrete contribution to that priority effort, which is the same as saying that it is a contribution to the historic battle we are fighting today in defense of our independence, of national identity, of the future of the fatherland, of the Revolution, and of socialism.

I am pleased to know that we can count on such a group of hard workers as you are, especially now that most of the people are waging a heroic battle on all fronts to overcome this special period. You have played a leading role in another heroic deed, showing once more the spirit of fight and the revolutionary awareness that makes us increasingly stronger and more invincible.

I wholeheartedly congratulate you and thank you on behalf of the Cuban people for the contribution you have made. I also urge you to continue to be the pride of our working class, especially of the construction workers.

[Signed] Affectionately, Fidel Castro.