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FBIS-LAT-94-166 Daily Report 25 Aug 1994 CARIBBEAN Cuba

Notes `Positive Aspect' of Clinton's Decision

FL2508183294 Havana Radio Rebelde Network in Spanish 1700 GMT 25 Aug 94 FL2508183294 Havana Radio Rebelde Network Spanish BFN

[Text] Minutes after his appearance on the "This Very Day" program, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro held a news conference with national and foreign reporters.

[Begin recording] [Reporter] If the situation worsens, will Cuba present the problem to international organizations?

[Castro] [coughs] I believe the problems must be presented wherever it may be necessary. [Words indistinct] as this situation worsens.

[Reporter] Regarding the murder of the Cuban soldier, has there been any response from the U.S. Government on this matter?

[Castro] No, they have not said a single word.

[Reporter] Commander, you mentioned the fact that this situation of sending the Cubans to Guantanamo violates the agreements of the Guantanamo Bay naval base. Will Cuba use this argument at some point in time?

[Castro] Well, we mentioned this during the explanation given on today's program as well as during my analysis of the crisis. As I said today, there is a positive aspect in Clinton's decision. For the first time, they have spoken of measures to discourage these emigrations. What we do not agree with is the way he said it and the fact of the base being used. This just complicate the problem. I do not think it is beneficial for the United States to use that base for those purposes. Well, that is something we are not pleased with. We do not know [word indistinct], but the main problem does not consist of this.

[Reporter] As far as investments in Cuba are concerened, in the matter of joint associations, etc., has this situation affected the possibilities of investments in any way?

[Castro] I have not received any information on important effects. So, far...[pauses] Of course, when it comes to investments, the best thing is peace and security.

[Reporter] Besides trying to eliminate the blockade, is Cuba working in another sense to alleviate this situation? Is there anything, within the near future, that could solve or alleviate the effects of the blockade from an internal point of view.

[Castro] Right now we must make a great effort to maintain what we have and try to improve on it. That is not easy in midst of the conditions of the blockade. Many people are making great efforts. We try so that everyone makes an effort to improve. We always achieve some advances. People cannot imagine how harmful the blockade is and the huge load it represents in many senses.

[Reporter] Don't you think quiet diplomacy would be better to try to solve all these problems?

[Castro] I believe we spoke of this a moment ago of quiet diplomacy. But there are some things that we must say publicly: our positions, our opinion on the problems created, what has been happening. I believe we are within that quiet diplomacy and that we are more discreet than the administration...[end recording]