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FBIS-LAT-96-065 Daily Report 2 Apr 1996 CARIBBEAN Cuba

Cuba: Castro Addresses Sugarcane Workers in Las Tunas

PA0204194896 Havana Tele Rebelde and Cubavision Networks in Spanish, 0130 GMT 2 Apr 96 PA0204194896 Havana Tele Rebelde and Cubavision Networks Spanish BFN [Speech by President Fidel Castro at meeting to discuss sugar production at Peru sugar mill in Jobabo municipality in Las Tunas Province; on 1 April -- recorded]

[FBIS Summary] A 43-minute Castro speech closes a meeting to discuss plans to reach the sugar production goal at the Peru sugar mill in Jobabo municipality in Las Tunas Province. Castro begins by saying that the sugar mill has accomplished many goals. He says that the harvest is ended in the province and that they have worked very hard. He says that rains complicated the harvest, and that the transportation problems also added difficulties. He says that drainage was a problem at some of the mills.

Castro says that a strategy was reached to move raw material from one mill to another to reach norms. He urges workers to go to other mills to help with the grinding and for brigades to move to help with the work.

He notes difficulties in various provinces. He says that at a time when foreign forces have strengthened the aggression against Cuba it is very important to achieve the goals at the plants. He notes that the country has been defending Cuban independence since 1958.

He says that increasing production demonstrates the heroism of the people. He notes that the potato harvest is not bad, and that despite shortages they are still able to produce. He says we have to make maximum efforts to accomplish everything according to plan. He notes the need for new motors for equipment and that Cuba has to receive the money from the sugarcane to pay the loans.

He concludes by saying: "If they could see this event in Jobabo through a little hole, they would believe the event is taking place in New York. [applause] They would thus see the unity, strength, and revolutionary awareness of our people. They would tire in the end; they will eventually tire. What we are certain of is that we will never tire."

The item ends with the crowd chanting "Socialism or Death" and applauding Castro.