Etext collections hosted on LANIC

LLILAS Archive
The Archive consists of the proceedings from LLILAS-sponsored conferences as well as a number of occasional paper series containing documents authored by LLILAS-affiliated professors, researchers, and research centers.
Archivo de Lucas Alamán, 1589 - 1853
The Archivo consists of an inventory with descriptions of 364 manuscripts from the Papers of Mexican statesman [...more]
Presidential Messages
Over 75,000 pages of the original full text, in Spanish, of speeches delivered by Argentine and Mexican [...more]
Castro Speech Data Base
Data base containing the full text of English translations of speeches, interviews, and press conferences [...more]
Evaluación Cualitativa Externa del Programa Oportunidades: 2000 - 2008
Full text of qualitative external evaluations of Mexico's Oportunidades conditional cash transfer program. [...more]
Cuba in Transition
Contains 16 volumes of the Proceedings of the Annual Meetings of the Association for the Study of the Cuban [...more]
Estudios Sociales: Revista de Investigación Científica
Full text for current and retrospective issues of the journal Estudios Sociales, published in Mexico [...more]
Revista Región y Sociedad
Full text for current and retrospective issues beginning in 1996 of the journal Región y Sociedad, [...more]
LASA95 Papers Pilot Project
Contains the full text of 32 papers delivered at the Latin American Studies Association's LASA95 Congress, [...more]
Sustainable Development Reporting Project
The Sustainable Development Reporting Project looks at some of the most promising and important sustainable [...more]
Current and previous issues, in Spanish, of the InfoPYME newsletter. [...more]
Individual Etexts hosted on LANIC
Individual books, theses, papers, and other publications hosted as part of the Etext Collection